Home Security in Cambodia
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:04 p.m.
Published on: August 15, 2017, 4:25 a.m.

Home Security in Cambodia


Home and business security is of high importance for residential or business owners in Cambodia. Taking precaution for protection and crime prevention requires attention from the right providers in order to ensure that every property of yours is confidently secured.

Ms. Sim Kalyan, the general manager of Global Security Solutions (GSS), joined Realestate.com.kh to talk about professtional home and business security. There are generally a few guidelines that deal with predictable risks and precautions for home security in Cambodia.

What are the risks concerning home security in Cambodia, and business security?

Kalyan says that most of the problems that home and business owners experience are theft, burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, and fires. She explains that the armed robbers focus on the entrance of the house or areas near the house, while kidnapping could happen at home or elsewhere in order to get a ransom. These can cause injures or can even be deadly.

How do you protect your home or business?

Kalyan cited that the best solution for these risks is to find a professional private security company to help monitor the residential and business areas. These companies will then provide methods to protect your property. Another solution is to contact the police because they are trained specifically in the field of security and protection.

Kalyan also provided two main key points which you can personally check:

External Monitoring:

Kalyan explained that external monitoring refers to the external aspects of housing such as location – whether it’s an unsafe area, there are reports of robberies, or there are pickpocket boys around. We can also inspect whether or not there are lights on the road. Another factor to check is whether or not the fence is strong enough or high enough.

In terms of the home itself, she said that we must inspect the strength of the doors and windows on all levels. She also cautions to be careful with the veranda area.

Internal Monitoring:

Kalyan said internal monitoring means paying attention to people in the home such as helpers and drivers. This means a clear and thorough review of their backgrounds. We need to be clear who they are or what they are about before allowing them to live in the house. You should even be aware of people like postmen or cable fixers.

Another thing Kalyan mentioned is that you need to have is a list of emergency contact numbers. It should be posted on the wall or somewhere where it’s convenient to find.

Kalyan also discussed home security tips for all budget types. According to her, there are 2 types of solutions that deal with predictable risks and security precautions in Cambodia. One is suited to a smaller budget - the other is more comprehensive, but also more expensive.

1.  Cheaper Home Security Solution for those on a Tight Budget:

Ms. Kalyan cited that normal middle class families or small businesses can choose this solution. She mentioned some major points to check out:

Door, Fence, Key and Window:

You must check whether the door of the house and other entry points are secure or not. There should at least be a fence to keep the inside of the property safe. You can use long broken bottles placed on the fence to strengthen it. And it's best to use double steel bars if you have a bit more money and want a better defense. This action will also prevent the fence from being stolen.

Steel Bars:

You also need to thoroughly inspect all aspects of the outer doors, the lock quality, and the bars of the windows and doors to ensure your home’s safety. Kalyan warns about a possible fire though. It is important to enforce the windows, but it is also important to ensure that you have a backup exit point to yourself in case a fire breaks out. You want to keep people out of your house - but you don’t want to trap you and your family inside in the case of an emergency.

Use Motion Sensor Lights:

You can also use motion sensor lights that activate when they detect movement outside of the house. You can place these at the entrance, the exits, and on the fence.

Other Affordable Home Security Solutions:

Kaliyan explains that there are other options to secure your house such as building secret passages.

She also introduced ideas like placing a cardboard image of a person close to the windows, leaving your lights on while you’re not home, using a pillow to give the illusion of people sleeping, placing objects that will sound when drawers or desks are being moved, asking for the assistance of neighbors, and not letting people know when you bring home a valuable or expensive product.

2. More-Expensive Home Security solutions:

Kaliyan said that whatever solution is chosen, what matters most are the “external monitoring and internal monitoring”. But there are more convenient solutions for those with more resources.  

These home security solutions include:

Electronic Entrance and Fence:

You can install electrical wires on your fence in addition to steel bars so that anyone who attempts to touch it will get shocked.

Use Light Motion Sensor:

You can use “light motion sensors” to protect your home round the clock. However, you need to do a perimeter check to find potential areas where burglars can pass through such as trees.

Hiring Home Security Guards and  Installing a Security Camera:

You can hire security guards from an agency for your home and build a central monitoring station in the compound. They can keep watch of the camera feed and inspect the house. In case someone jumped your fence and tried to enter, they can take action immediately.

Intrusion alarm:

Intrusion alarms are also called sirens. In case someone climbs or jumps your fence, the device will ring and alert people nearby.

Magnetic Door Contact or Magnetic Door Break:

You can install a “magnetic door contact” or “magnetic door break” on both doors and windows of your house. When someone attempts to break in using the door or window, it will signal your smartphone. Other similar alarms include motion sensors and photo beam protectors.

Safe Control:

For those who have a lot of money, it’s not necessary to use locks. Using “Safe Control” may be the best option because it requires you to either use a card or fingerprint to open.

Beware of Dogs:

Whether you choose the cheaper option or the more expensive one, you can always hang a sign that says “beware of dogs”. This will give you good results.

Kalyan also talked about safety in Cambodia on a larger perspective.

What qualifications should security companies have?

Kalyan said that the history of the security company's management should be reviewed, especially the Managing Director’s. Check for experience and if they have a clear policy for the staff, such as if their salaries regularly paid or if the security guard’s salary is good enough. This is crucial because you must have a guard that is loyal to their company above all else. Try to also look for information on whether the services are good enough from past customer.

Also check whether the security company’s registered and licensed in the ministry. There are more than 200 security companies in the country and some of them don’t have licenses.

What safety precautions should we take in Cambodia?

There’s always a risk of pickpockets or thieves. Kalyan advised not wear a lot of jewelry when going outside, using a small bag and putting it inside shirts in order to avoid pickpockets.

In terms of robbery protection, bodyguards can be an option for those who can afford them.

Alternatively, walking with two or more people lowers the risk of robbery. But we should also be careful in crowded places. There can be a possible kidnapping because of neglect. Knowing where to sit or where to look around also helps.

In case thieves are following you, it’s recommend not to go home. It’s better to go to crowded areas or places like hospitals or police stations. The daily commute should include scouting areas in case of emergency.

Kalyan also mentioned that it’s better not to go home when you’re out past midnight night. If you really need to go home, inform your family.

Do not set up a password on your phone so that if you are in an accident, the first on scene can still contact your close friends or family. 

Should I use insurance even when I already have security systems?

A security company will guarantee limited payment in case something happens. Choosing insurance is a good safety net for any damages that could occur.

Kalyan said that those who have plenty of high-valued objects should use insurance services. Also, doing a consultation with an expert insurance firm or consultant is advisable before you decide to purchase a home or business.

When using insurance, You only need to pay a fixed monthly amount  to get compensation for what has been lost. Insurance service is the best choice for property owners who want to eliminate risks on their property asset.

Other factors to consider:

Kalyan added that if you know you’re being watched all time, you shouldn’t leave the workplace with a consistent schedule. Leave early sometimes and sometimes late. We should not drive only one route. By doing this, the thief will not know exactly what time you leave and which  route you take.

In addition, there are three strategies: run, fight, and hide. These three strategies can enable us to escape from danger. But we also have to be responsible to know when to use each method.

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