New showroom brings North Park front and centre
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:02 p.m.
Published on: October 19, 2018, 1:44 p.m.

New showroom brings North Park front and centre

Property showrooms are ubiquitous in the capital these days. Developers of the North Park condominium project, however, have brought their style and sophistication to a new space that stands out from the pack. It’s meant to show all the facets of their revolutionary real estate.

The luxurious wood paneling will show you that the place was laid out with the same attention to detail as the residential development it’s showcasing. Certainly, you will get a feel for the style of North Park as soon as you set foot in the showroom.

Located along Norodom Boulevard just north of Independence Monument, the exhibition space offers an elegant place to view the extravagant details of the North Park project. Indeed the overall level of taste is confirmed by the sleek lines of this new centrally located showroom.

Speaking on why the developer decided to open up a new showroom to highlight its offerings, Go Wei Han, sales and marketing director for North Park, said the space had all the features of their other location, except for show units. Those can be found at the first showroom, located at the building site west of the city centre.

Anyone who is curious as to what the North Park project is about should surely stop in to get more information. You will feel right at home in the showroom's relaxing arrangement.

“We wanted to have another location that is more convenient for our potential customers,” Wei Han added.

The new showroom will serve as the home base for all updates on the exciting condominium project currently underway on land adjacent to Phnom Penh’s world-renowned Northbridge International School.

Indeed all manner of pictures, diagrams and models are available at the new showroom. Buyers can peruse floor plans of the spaces they are planning to buy. It’s easier than ever to envision yourself within the luxurious spaces when you are able to explore every corner with 3D graphics and artist renderings.

North Park is made up a perfect synergy of clean interiors and lush exteriors. More than a hectare of garden land adorns the space around the structure and truly lets the place breathe.

Further, expert staff will be on hand at the showroom to answer any questions you may have about the progress of the project. Up until the handover date, the showroom can be the best way for you to communicate with the North Park team.

It’s often the details that are the most important and in the showroom you can learn more about all of North Park’s key characteristics: the lagoon swimming pool, restaurants, gym, playground and 24-hour security.

Putting a new showroom right on the capital’s main thoroughfare represents a dedicated knowledge of space. As a place where people come to connect with the project, the showroom should be in a place everyone can reach.

So, whether you’re curious about what North Park has to offer or you are prepared to start shopping for a condo, the new showroom on Norodom Boulevard should be the first place you go.

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