Renowned Japanese valuation firm enters the Kingdom’s real estate market
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:03 p.m.
Published on: February 21, 2018, 4:21 p.m.

Renowned Japanese valuation firm enters the Kingdom’s real estate market

Long-standing Japan-based valuation & advisory firm, Japan Valuers Co., Ltd, is officially opening their central Phnom Penh branch in Khan 7 Makara on January 11th, 2018, through the establishment of their subsidiary company, namely, Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.               

Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co., Ltd was founded as a joint venture between Mr. Sim Hoy Chhoung, and Mr. Hiroyuki Isobe.

Mr. Chhoung is a locally based expert on valuation and consultancy of different asset classes, mainly focused on commercial real estate, plant and heavy machinery and businesses, and is the Managing Director of the newly established firm.

Mr. Hiroyuki, on the other hand has had over 30 years of experience in Japanese and international based property valuation and advising, with the establishment of multiple global companies throughout his career- including the founding of Japan Valuers Co., Ltd.

Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. will provide a wide variety of valuation and advisory services, covering commercial real estate transactions and due diligence, market and feasibility studies as well as property management.  

Discussing the company’s entry into Cambodia, Mr Chhoung said: “It’s my great excitement to work with the firm and share my passion as well as experience in the fields of valuation and advisory services.”

He further added that the company is committed to making a major contribution to the real estate and valuation industry in Cambodia.

Mr. Chhoung believes that by entering the Cambodian market this will help enhance the professionalism and the confidence in the real estate market for both local and foreign investors alike, through the improvement of consistency and transparency in the market, with their valuation and consultancy services.

“We aim to be a professional firm who will provide up-to-date market knowledge and provide quality services to our clients, regardless of where they are from,” said Mr. Chhoung.

He further added that a professional code of ethics is the core pillar of long-term success for any company, which the firm will bring to Cambodia.

“This will also help better facilitate the decision-making process of investors across national borders.​ ​We will help attract more foreign investors and source those investors for our local [Cambodia's] real estate development,” he said.

Mr Hiroyuki, expressed a similar sentiment as Mr. Chhoung: “We also aim to develop and deliver timely, proper and fair valuation services in liaison with local experts.”

“At the same time, we aim to be responsible for enlightening the local society, where a property valuation system has not been firmly established, and we believe that our knowledge of the  infrastructure of valuation will provide further stability and professionalism to the Cambodian real estate market.”

The history behind the formulation of Japan Valuers Co., Ltd, the parent company of Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, goes back to 1983 when Mr. Hiroyuki Isobe founded HIRO & Associates, Inc.

Following this, Mr. Hiroyuki launched REAS Network Co., Ltd in 1998 and subsequently merged these two companies into HIRO & REAS Network, Inc. in 2002. The re-naming to Japan Valuers Co., Ltd took place in 2010- with Mr. Hiroyuki remaining as the current Chairman and is presently located in Tokyo and Nagoya.

Due to the wealth of over 30 years experience in valuation and consultancy Japan Valuers Co., Ltd has created a vast network of partnerships in various regions worldwide including the USA, Korea and Hong Kong.

The services provided by Japan Valuers  Co., Ltd include property valuation and advisory services for both Japanese and overseas corporations and further extends to individual clients, including developers, investors, banks, arrangers, public institutions and many others.

Since 2010, Japan Valuers Co., Ltd have been proactively aiming at structuring a global network that enables the company to give more solutions to businesses on a global scale. In 2016, Japan Valuers (Myanmar) Co., Ltd was established, where property valuation and consulting industry has not been properly formulated.

Now with the establishment of Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, yet another arm of the globally expanding company has grown. Located within a key business hub in Phnom Penh,  Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co., Ltd will be a valuable asset to improving the professionalism and bringing extensive valuation and advisory services to Cambodia’s real estate market.

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