Why do fiber optic networks help high speed internet connections?

June 6, 2019, 4:14 p.m.

Today, only SingMeng Telemedia is able to provide multiple services under fiber optic network in Cambodia. SingMeng can provide any internet solution plus OTT TV, Phone, and smart community. What makes fiber optic network superior to any other network? Will this year, be the end line for Wireless and DSL network?

Broadband connection has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years in Cambodia. There is a massive rise in this service amongst businesses where entrepreneurs want to promote their services and products over the web in quick and convenient manner. Due to high speed internet connection, downloading the files, uploading the video or images and chatting has become quite easy. Users do not find any issue of slow speed nowadays due to latest technology and connection. In last couple of year, fiber optic network has emerged as one of the best connections to provide high-speed access to the web world.

ADSL, Wireless, Cable and Fiber Optics are some of the techniques to allow users to access the web world. Nevertheless, when it comes to access web world in high-speed manner then fiber optics is the best connection, which has also changed the way people-using internet in the past. This connection has very thin fibers built of glass that transmit the data and files through a fiber optic network. As the glass, fibers go via low level of reduction and hindrance, the connection becomes highly effective for telecommunication. Now let’s discuss why it is seen as the high-speed connection for condominium and commercial places:

Fastest Speed: It is a fastest broadband connection that provides ultra-fast speed. With the use of innovative methods and latest technologies, the connection promises to give users high speed round the clock allowing them to send emails and files in ultra-fast speed. When it comes to compare fiber optics to cable connection & Digital subscriber line (DSL), then one will find that sending data or files is much quicker with fiber network even during peak hours. From live streaming to downloading video, everything becomes faster and easier with this fiber connection.

More Reliability: Fiber Optics Network is also quite reliable as compared to cable connection & Digital subscriber line (DSL). Even during the power outrage, the connection remains intact as it is made of glass that required no electricity. It is also difficult for others to hack the network as mostly the system installed in the home of users.

Temperature Fluctuation: The best thing with fiber connection is that it resists more temperature fluctuations as compared to cable and Digital subscriber line (DSL). On the hand, fiber optics network can be submerged in water as well without facing any network issue.

Cost: It is obvious that when you are getting better services then you have to pay little more. Fiber Optics network is also little expensive as compared to other ordinary connections. However, when users are getting high speed then paying little more cannot be a bad decision. Today businesses are running over the internet and it is only successful when they have high speed and better connectivity round the clock.

So keep in mind all the points, it is not wrong to say that Fiber Optics Network is best for those who want high-speed connection with safe and strong connectivity.

Today, only SingMeng Telemedia is able to provide multiple services under fiber optic network in Cambodia. SingMeng can provide any internet solution plus OTT TV, Phone, and smart community. Discover SingMeng solutions: http://smtelemedia.com/

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