A Final Frontier For Investors: Cambodia

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:56 p.m.

Cambodia is in a fairly unique position that many potential investors find compelling.

The combination of a stable government and banking industry, pro business and pro foreign investment policies, and tremendous growth potential is relatively rare. Financial and governmental stability are typically associated with more mature markets that have greater barriers to entry combined with less growth potential. Less developed countries with good growth potential are not usually so actively welcoming of investment and are typically more politically and financially unstable.

This unusual combination of pro growth and development factors has already yielded substantial development and progress in Cambodia, yet there remains more money to be made. This is a country and a populace eager for growth and doing a great many things right. It is an exciting time for both local nationals looking forward to a brighter future and for potential foreign investors looking for an investment frontier. Cambodia is deemed by many to be a last frontier in this part of the world. It is brimming with raw natural resources and raw undeveloped talent. When foreign investors bring capital and first world know how to the table, magical things can happen, benefitting all involved parties.

In recent decades, Cambodia has seen incredibly forward progress, from an underdeveloped nation to a substantially more urbanized country. Pro-business government policies have helped attract foreign investment to the many different market sectors, including:

  • Offices and Commercial Development
  • Retail Development
  • Industrial Development
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Agricultural Development

It is also literally well positioned due to its physical proximity to some of the most vibrant markets on the planet. This fact is being capitalized upon and enhanced via regional trade agreements that strengthen Cambodia's ties to multiple large, developed markets. Cambodia has a young, energetic work force and a rich and intriguing cultural heritage. Both of these treasures are nestled amidst a landscape filled with natural beauty that draws tourism and natural resources that are an excellent basis for both industrial and agricultural development.

It is a world filled with opportunity for any investors who are willing to do their due diligence and bring first world savvy and capital with them to the bargaining table. It is still a corner of the world being overlooked by many people. This oversight is one they may live to regret. Although there is always an element of risk in any kind of investment, the fundamentals here are incredibly strong. Thus, well planned, well managed foreign development projects have excellent prospects. This is a place where dreams can not only become reality, they can shape the future.

What would you like to build? Aquaculture? An organic farm? A world class hotel? Consider the possibilities and consider building your future and your portfolio here in this exciting market.

Reasons To Invest In Cambodian Property

  • Practically virgin investment territory with enormous growth potential
  • A recent track record of dramatic improvements
  • The country is enjoying strong, sustained growth in Gross Domestic Product.
  • Location, Location, Location
    • Sandwiched between two stronger economies (Thailand and Vietnam)
    • Midway between the world's largest, fastest growing economies (China and India)
    • Sitting between Australia and Asia, with trade agreements connecting it to both
  • Political stability
    • The country has had the same Prime Minster for more than a quarter of a century
    • The Prime Minister is the longest serving non-royal leader in South East Asia
  • There is a young workforce here
    • Affordable labor for investors
    • A workforce in the prime of their life, with many good years ahead of them
    • Local improvements translate to savings in training needs for foreign countries
  • Actively ramping up transport connectivity
    • The country has been actively upgrading road and bridge connections to all neighboring countries.
    • The railroad system is being actively improved
    • The sea port in Sihanoukville has been expanded and modernized
    • The river port in Phnom Penh has been drastically improved
    • The country has opened three international airports
  • Low cost utilities
    • The mobile and internet sectors have seen dramatic cuts in cost
    • New and more efficient power plants are replacing old ones, cutting energy costs
  • Vast natural resources
    • Abundant fertile land with adequate water supply
    • Untapped mineral deposits and oil and gas reserves
    • Natural beauty available for the tourist industry
  • Under-penetrated market with vast growth potential
    • Very young population which promises growing domestic demand for years to come
    • Per capita purchasing power has more than doubled and is still rising
  • Overall low debt
    • Low levels of debt at all levels (governmental, corporate and personal)
    • Conservative and solvent banking system
    • Zero history of government bailouts and subsidies, practically unheard of in this day and age
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