Can I Apply for a Home Loan? Mortgage Q&A

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:18 p.m., in partnership with ANZ Royal, has compiled a Q & A about home loan criteria in Cambodia.

How much can ANZ Royal lend you through a home loan? 

ANZ Royal lends up to 70% of the total property value.

What is ANZ Royal’s annual interest rate for Cambodian Home Loaners? 

ANZ Royal’s annual interest rates start from just 8.25%. How long can I borrow up to with ANZ Royal Home Loans?  With ANZ Royal’s home loan policy, you can borrow for up to 20 years. Are there any fees associated with my loan application with ANZ Royal?  Yes, the Bank will charge 1% of the loan amount drawn down. Associated fees such as Hard Title Registration, blockage, Property valuation, annual insurance and legal fees are also borne by you, the customer. How do I apply for loan at ANZ Royal?  Firstly, you will need to complete the ANZ Royal loan application form. You can get this loan application through any of the channels below:

How do I get more information on home loans from ANZ Royal? 

You can get more information on our home loan through any of the following channels: 

  • Through a direct inquiry on
  • Through a visit to any of the ANZ Royal Cambodia branches that are convenient to you. 
  • By visiting ANZ Royal’s mortgage page
  • By calling ANZ Royal’s contact centre via 023 999 000 or; 
  • By Calling ANZ Royal’s Mobile Lending Managers directly via 092 670 300 or 092 670 400. 

What are some of the documents you will require from me if I want to proceed to apply for a home loan with ANZ Royal? 

Different documents will be required for different loan scenarios. However, the basic information ANZ Royal requires from you includes:

  • National ID Card and Passport;
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement of the property; 
  • Income evidence (i.e. salary payslip, employment letter, bank statement and/or other relevant documents); 
  • For self-employed applicants, business income verification is also required. 

I am a foreigner. Can I apply for a home loan from ANZ Royal Cambodia? 

ANZ Royal only finances Cambodian Citizens. Or, foreigners residing and working in Cambodia whose partner is Cambodian. applyforahomeloananzroyalrealestatecomkh2

I am a first homeowner. I am still searching for a property. Can I still begin the process to apply for a home loan with ANZ Royal? 


I am purchasing a property to live in myself, can I still pledge this property to ANZ Royal to satisfy home loan requirements? 


I am purchasing a property for renting. Can I still pledge this property to ANZ Royal to satisfy home loan requirements?


I am purchasing a property for my children, not myself. Can I apply for a home loan from ANZ Royal for this purpose?

Yes. ANZ Royal calls this a Home Equity Loan. You can lend up to 10 years on a Home Equity Loan by pledging your existing residential property.

I need cash to fund my business expansion. Can I apply for a home loan from ANZ Royal for this?

Yes. You can get financing from ANZ Royal to expand your business:

  • To fund your family, spouse or your business’ expansion or;
  • To set up your family’s, spouse’s or your business.
Find out exactly how to get a home loan through ANZ Royal below, and when you are ready - apply for your next home loan with ANZ Royal and now! Need a home loan calculator? Check out's clever finance calculators, and weigh up your next loan!



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