Axis Residences: Home of the New Generation

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:48 p.m.

Axis Residences is bringing a unique standard of quality to the Phnom Penh condo market. Already, whilst the Singaporean-inspired project is still under construction, Axis is becoming a pop culture icon among a new generation of Khmer's looking for their first home in central Phnom Penh.
Axis Residence The Axis residences showroom, now open in Phnom Penh, is built to the exact specifications of the completed units, as per international standards. This authenticity gives visitors to the Axis showroom a perfect understanding of the look and feel of their new condo home-to-be. But not only are the Axis Residence's units impressing customers, with early sales off to a flying start, the sleek and contemporary design is also impressing Cambodian celebrities and film makers. Recently, the renowned film production company, Hong Meas HD TV, has been using the Axis Residences showroom to film various drama series and movies. Axiresidence film The directors and producers of these productions are well-aware that the younger generation of Khmer are craving a higher standard of living, and a taste in design style that the market currently sorely lacks. Because the Axis showroom epitomizes the style and quality that the new generation of home buyers are craving, and feature brand name appliances and fixtures throughout, it is only natural that Axis Residences should be the ideal location to film these popular films and drama series. Spring CJW, the renowned Singaporean development company behind Axis Residences, however, is well-aware that many younger Khmer interested in purchasing their first condo home currently lack access to sufficient finance to make such a dream a reality... With that in mind, Spring CJW has created a very attractive 15 year end-financing package in partnership with Phillip Bank, uniquely designed for their customers. As the payment schedule for this loan is based on each construction stage, off-plan buyers will only have to pay as each stage of the development is completed.
The Partnership between Axis Residences and Philip Bank
The Phillip Bank loan package, available to Axis Residences buyers, only charges interest for the amount that is supposed to be paid. For example, if the sub-structural phase of construction is competed, just 10% has to be paid to the developer by the end-buyer. This means that customers who purchase via the Phillip Bank loan will only need to incur interest for that initial 10%. This is not a common practice at all in Cambodia, as most projects will charge the loan interest on the full sum owing, and few banks are willing to support condo buyers. Not only that but, again uniquely, the principle sum for the Phillip Bank loan will only be payable at the completion of the Axis Residences project in its entirety, which is around 2 years later. Customers who use the Phillip Bank loan option will thus be looking at only around a $90 installment payment per month for the first year. This is not only affordable for young buyers, but acts as a guarantee that the project is completed to the promised standards, in the promised timeframe. Although this is Spring CJW's first condo project in Cambodia, they have entered the market to stay - and customer-friendly initiatives such as this are a testament to that! At Axis Residences, younger buyers are offered a chance to secure a state-of-the-art home on finance terms that they can genuinely afford. This is a golden opportunity for young couples to own a new home with a lifestyle that will be the envy of their peers for many years to come. If you would like to learn more about Axis Residences, click HERE to check out the full listing on today. Inquire directly with Spring CJW and join their friendly and knowledgable property consultants right here in Phnom Penh for a tour of the famous Axis Residences showroom. Don't forget to bring your camera!

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