Borey Villa Toul Sangke: Where You Belong

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:15 p.m.

Bird ViewEveryone needs a warm environment where they can live with their loved ones. So before you decide to buy a residential property, carefully consider a few things first such as its atmosphere, it's construction quality, and its potential for future investment. These are just some of the things that shouldn't be overlooked in the buying process.

The Borey Villa Toul Sangke development project has gained popularity mainly due to its success in selling its past projects. It is strategically located in the Russey Keo district in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They offer residential units such as landed homes and condominiums.

The Borey Villa Toul Sangke project includes a variety of villas and condominiums that come in different sizes that you can choose from. Each and every home has been designed by construction professionals with quality and beauty in mind. Attention to detail is obvious. Some of the villas that are available are the Single Villa, Link House, Twins Villa, and Flat houses. Families will  also have the flexiblity to choose the City Sangkeo villa type too, as they see fit.

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"We think about the quality and the best standard of living for families. The Borey has been completed. For all projects, the Borey is almost sold out. The condo project started construction and is at around 20 percent completion. And an estimated 30  percent had already been booked. We also have a special offer for customers which is a 10 percent discount for owners who have paid off their residential condominiums. At the meantime, the developer also provides ultimate offer that only require customers to pay $ 660 in per month with no interest and no deposit. The Borey Villa Toul Sangke condo project concept is focused on helping locals change their standard of living and pursing a more modern life. It also aims to make you feel comfortable. This residential property is exactly that. It brings a high standard of living, which is fully furnished like a 5-star hotel." This is according to Mr. Andy Kong , the general manager of the Borey Villa Sangke company. twin villa

Ky Kosal, an employee of a private company, says, "After I saw the showroom of the different projects from Borey Villa Toul sangke and researched about it, I think that this is a good projects because the investment location is just near the new Aeon Mall and because it also has a great future investment potentials."

Living in the Borey Villa Toul Sangke project offers a more modern, stylish, and luxurious way of living for you the people you live with, whether it's your friends or your family. The Borey Villa Toul Sangke project also has an extremely competitively-priced condominium development located in Russey Keo. It is situated in the business district, which is really close to the main road, government institutions, shopping malls, riverside, sports clubs, banks, hospitals, schools, and entertainment. More importantly, it's also very near the toul Sangke market.

The Borey Villa Toul Sangke project consists of around 174 residential units with various designs, all of which were made with the vision of providing spacious, and comfortable homes for individuals and for families.

There are also a range of amenities which include swimming pools, a sauna, a gym, a small market, and a golfing club. So, families are sure they will never run out of things to do and places to go to.
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