Cambodia Construction Summit & Expo 2016

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:20 p.m.

The Cambodia Constructors Association (CCA) will host its 5th CCA Summit and Cambodia Construction Industry Expo on December, 1-3, 2015 at Diamond Island Exhibition and Convention Center where hundreds of local and international exhibiting companies and visitors will attend. CCA is now also a member of ASEAN Constructors Federation, China-ASEAN Building Materials Committee, and International Federation of Asian & Western Pacific Contractors ‘Association (IFAWPCA). This will bring huge benefits to the Cambodia Construction Summit & Expo 2016. cambodia-construction-summit-and-expo2016 Unlike previous time, this time at the Cambodia Construction Summit & Expo 2016 there will be many exhibitors from the three above international associations as well. Besides, we will have some excited events like CCA networking party with exhibitors at the second day of the event (evening) with free foods and drink where you and possibly your members can network with our potential CCA members and other exhibitors to match your business with them. Once there was 250 booths last year, we aims for 300 booths a this year's Cambodia Construction Summit & Expo 2016. CCA is a private-run constructors group that was established in 2012. Currently, we have over 100 member companies that are companies related to construction and property sectors. For more info about CCA, please kindly go to