Leshen The Lord Garden, a unique designed luxurious residential project to join Sihanoukville’s real estate boom
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 11:08 p.m.
Published on: September 2, 2019, 1:51 a.m.

Leshen The Lord Garden, a unique designed luxurious residential project to join Sihanoukville’s real estate boom

ឡឺសិន ដឹឡោត​ ហ្គាដេន កំពុងដំណើរការសាងសង់

For the last couple of years, the coastal town of Cambodia’s Sihanoukville, once a sleepy town, has experienced major developments at a very fast pace, especially in the real estate sector. As the city expands, the demands for urban lifestyles and luxurious housings increased. 

Having seen the potential and rapid increase of modern housing demands in Sihanoukville, Leshenwe (Cambodia) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, a joint venture of two real estate development companies from Cambodia and China, have joined together to participate in the fast-growing real estate market of Sihanoukville to jointly develop a project called “Leshen The Lord Garden", a uniquely designed residential project of boreys and low-rise apartments. 

Leshen The Lord Garden is located along National Road 4, surrounded by markets, schools, hospitals, public infrastructure, recreation facilities, and much more. The project is sitting on over three hectares of land. 

It consists of 315 multi-type borey homes. There are three types of boreys at Leshen The Lord Garden, ranging from two to 3.5 stories. These homes are 4.2 to 4.5 metres wide and 14 to 17.9 metres long, all with their own distinctive designs and characters.  

The borey section of Leshen the Lord Garden has a floor area of approximately 56,000 sqm and covers a site area of more than 37,000 sqm. The design aims to give the example of low density and high comfort residence. Its units start from $880-$1000 per sqm, or a minimum total of $110,000.

Units at Leshen The Lord Garden

Each unit at Leshen The Lord Garden project is well-thought, to make sure that the high quality of construction is reached and the relaxing experience of buyers is guaranteed, with high quality decorations, stylish kitchens and modern appliances equipped bathrooms. 

A great addition to this project’s design is that the ground floor of every borey house can be used for commercial or retail which provides easy access to the residents, leveraging the experience of living in the Leshen The Lord Garden to a greater level. The project is set to be completed by the end of 2020.

High standards guaranteed at Leshen The Lord Garden 

Leshenwe (Cambodia) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, is committed to providing its customers the best out of their hard earned money that means it is strived to provide them with the highest quality of their loving homes. 

The comfort and memorable experiences of its customers are the main considerations of its projects, to assure that, the company hired the best design company with many years of experience designing big projects to design Leshen The Lord Garden.  

Also to make sure the high quality standards of construction are met, the Leshen The Lord Garden project has been closely monitored by experts from the Cambodian government at every step of the construction. 

Leshen The Lord Garden’s project B set for opening

With huge success and great supports of Leshen The Lord Garden’s project A, Leshenwe (Cambodia) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, has announced last week that units in its Leshen The Lord Garden’s project B are up for grabs. 

The sale of the Leshen The Lord Garden’s project B was officially opened on August 25. The grand opening of project B was attended by representatives from both partnered companies, government officials and potential buyers.  

As of now, with unique, sleek designs, high standards of construction with good quality materials, the company has sold more than 85 percent of its luxurious residential homes in the  Leshen The Lord Garden’s project A, according to Mr. Chuan Li, the company’s marketing manager. 

He added that the construction of project A has completed about 70 percent. The company predicts the same result for its project B, given the great support it received in the first project due to the reputation the company has built and the commitments it has to provide its buyers the most loving and comfortable future homes where the families can cherish every moment together. 

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