Embassy Central changes the Phnom Penh design landscape

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:58 p.m.

  embassyresidences On the heels of its first housing development success – Embassy Residences, which has sold 90 per cent of its units – local developer Urbanland is wasting no time in establishing its second project, Embassy Central. Being at the pulse of Boeung Keng Kang 1, and within strolling distance of renowned restaurants like Topaz Restaurant, Malis Restaurant, and Eric Kayser Bakery, with retail stores along the nearby Preah Sihanouk Boulevard such as Charles & Keith, Pedro, and Mango, and more cafés and bars interspersed around, there is no area more bustling and convenient than where Embassy Central is located. Thriving hub aside, Embassy Central itself is a building to behold; its discreet brilliance is reflected through its minimalistic and sleekly structured design. Only 25 storeys tall and 119-unit strong, Embassy Central holds its own in dedicating its composition to the importance of an urban lifestyle that is in sync with modernity, yet maintaining a green lifestyle with its outdoor landscape features.

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With only 119 units, Embassy Central has a more private and intimate feel, with four sky gardens in different parts of the building that residents can fully utilise to their liking. These open spaces provide a tranquil respite from the hustling bustle of the city; spaces where you can exercise or do yoga amidst the rising or setting sun, sit and read a book by the trees, or simply bask in the crispness of the air. Besides its multiple sky gardens, another distinctive feature of Embassy Central is its vertical green wall garden that runs through the building from the 4th floor to the 25th, with the main purpose of brightening up usually enclosed hallways with natural sunlight. The condominium’s swimming pool is surrounded by lush greenery, as it is on the same floor where the vertical garden begins. The impressive architecture of this condominium comes from the same masterminds behind Cambodia’s most popular coffee chain – Brown Coffee. The same attention to detail, quirky steeled structures, and top-notch finishing seen in all Brown Coffee outlets across Phnom Penh are mirrored in Embassy Central’s building and showroom. Hok Kang Architects, who wholly designed Embassy Residences and Embassy Central, and are also the people behind Urbanland and Brown Coffee, aptly sums it up: “Embassy Central is a very special project for us. We want to design a building that responds to a hot tropical climate such as Cambodia. Vertically designed elements and oversized balconies help to shade the building from the harsh tropical sun. The building is punctuated by pockets of green gardens, giving it a more iconic architecture, and also its residents a more liveable space that is close to nature. Upon its completion, Embassy Central will be the emblem of contemporary urban living at its finest in the heart of BKK1.” Urbanland and Hok Kang Architects comprise a small but diverse team, and being local adds value and trust among Cambodians – that a relatively small developer is able to bring to the Kingdom international standards of ideas, design, and product. Urbanland is committed to investing in its home country, and seeing it thrive as an urban cosmopolis. The company prides itself on catering as much as they can to their niche clientele’s needs, offering interior design services or suggestions that will complement the overall flow of the building units’ designs. Embassy Central’s showroom is fitted with high-end furnishings, with cleverly streamlined storage spaces and enclosed air-conditioning, while everything that is attached to the walls such as the lights, cupboards, console table, and appliances come together with the unit. Singapore investment firm, Terrasia Capital Investment, has said that the quality of interior fittings and finishes is a game-changer that sets a very high benchmark for other developers to follow. In Urbanland’s Marketing Manager, Victor Huot’s words, “what you see and feel in our showroom will be the same experience you will get when you walk into your Embassy Central home.” “The most prestigious address in Phnom Penh, crafted with design and high-quality materials, Embassy Central is a gem of investment that will only increase in value over time,” Terrasia Capital Investment concluded.

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