8 ways to Feng Shui your Office Space
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:05 p.m.
Published on: January 11, 2016, 1:54 p.m.
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8 ways to Feng Shui your Office Space


Want to get your office space in line for the New Year? Want to make sure you have a lucky 2016? Keep energized, innovative and prosperous with these tips to Feng Shui your office space, thanks to realestate.com.kh.

Feng Shui essentially pays tribute to all directions; respectively determining romance, family, health & fortune, abundance, fame and reputation, children and creativity, wisdom and self-actualization, career success, and spiritual guidance. With that in mind, you need to identify the parts of your office (with your smartphone’s compass app) that will channel the best energies into your personal and business life.

  1. Romance belongs in the Southwest:

To the southwest of your office space, hang a photo of your most loved one – albeit your wife, husband or partner.  Whoever brings the most sunshine into your life… By keeping that special someone here you will always remain calm in times of frustration. Paying tribute to your loved ones while you are at work should also put you in good stead for a healthy relationship at home – so you don’t need to stress about that while you are working in your office space.

  1. Keep your Family to the East:

Hang those family portraits to the East of your office space – this will keep those that love you most in the back of your mind whenever you are trying to negotiate those big, stressful deals inside your office space.

  1. Abundance to the Southeast:

Abundance is what you want most in your business – so welcome more wealth and internal happiness by introducing a plant into the southeast of your office space. Find a plant that is drought resistant and manageable. Also, boost the power of plants by introducing the colors of green and purple into your office space. If you want to go even further, try introducing jade crystal, aventurine, and clear crystal quartz. These stones will help you really tap your potential abundance.

  1. Fame and Reputation to the South:

The South side of your office is the place for all of your crowning achievements. The south of your office is the best place to hang awards, degrees, and all those mementos of the business’ projects that are most praise worthy. Bring a sense of confidence and power into the office, and more success will naturally follow.

  1. Keep your Health & Fortune Central:

Health is as important as your business – because if you don’t have good health, your money is irrelevant! While it is hard to bring Feng Shui into the center of your office, for logistical reasons, try decorating your computer with crystals such as citrine and blue calcite. Citrine can promote the flow of energy and liveliness into your office space, while blue calcite will encourage good communication. Poor communication will breed unnecessary anxiety, depression, and keep you awake at night.

  1. Children & Creativity to the Westside:

The West is the place to bring innovation to your office space. If you tap it just right, the west will harbor creative ideas and invite alternate solutions to problems inside your office space. Whether or not you are involved in a creative industry is un-important – all business’ should invite innovation into their office.  The best is to bring something orange – maybe a flower, or even something that is used in your business.  Also consider hanging inspirational quotes from those people who inspire you the most.

  1. Wisdom should stay on the Northeast:

Keep your dreams where you can see them. Because Feng Shui energy is delivered by thought, you should always keep your ultimate definition of self-actualization somewhere to remind you – and the best place is to the Northeast of your office space. Power symbols such as the Yin & Yang, or some other token to your deepest desires, are best kept in the Northeast.

  1. To the Northwest invite Spiritual Guidance:

You may not think that spirituality has a place in the workplace - but understanding all forms of human aspiration is necessary to your personal and business progress. Consider a calendar of spiritual guidance on the Northwest wall, or look to oracle cards in the morning to predict potential challenges of the day. Center yourself, and control will come to those things around you too. 2016 is also the perfect time to invest or rent a new commercial property or office.

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