Guide to Real Estate Law in Cambodia, from BNG Legal
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:05 p.m.
Published on: March 22, 2016, 9:10 a.m.
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Guide to Real Estate Law in Cambodia, from BNG Legal

BNG Legal Cambodia has released their latest version of the Guide to Doing Business in Cambodia which contains extensive information about Cambodian real estate law and property regulations.

This extremely comprehensive Guide to Doing Business in Cambodia gives valuable information for investors and Cambodian-based business people on Banking and Finance, Corporate & Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution in Cambodia, Intellectual Property Laws, Labor Law, Mining Law and Regulations, Marriage and Family Law - and last, but certainly not least, a comprehensive overview of Cambodian law related to Land and Construction.

In regards to Real Estate Law and Regulation, the BNG Legal Guide to Doing Business in Cambodia duly covers Legal Ownership of Land in Cambodia, Acquisition of Property in Cambodia, Potential Risks, Enforcement of Property Rights, Establishing Control over Land, Perpetual Leases, Land Concessions, Construction, Encumbrances on Immovable Property and Recently Issued Regulations and New Procedural Rules.

This is a great guide for those trying to get their head around Cambodian Property Law.

BNG Legal Cambodia our a unique law firm in the Kingdom, able to offer a deep understanding of the local business environment while simultaneously supported by international professionalism and integrity. BNG Legal facilitate business, investment and trade between Cambodia, Myanmar and the rest of the world through innovative and cost-effective legal services. BNG Legal offer all range of real estate related legal services, including residential, commercial and industrial property transactions, Lease negotiation and agreement drafting, title search and due diligence, land registration and titling, agricultural land concessions, financing, mortgages and other securities, construction contracting, permitting, and financing, environmental compliance consulting, advice on Special Economic Zones and tax-optimization.

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