Habitat: A Winner in All Aspects
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:04 p.m.
Published on: May 15, 2017, 6:29 a.m.

Habitat: A Winner in All Aspects

The epitome of success comes after recognition. Such was the case for the winners at the 2017 Cambodia Property Awards that was just recently concluded. The event gathered over 300 guests to witness the acknowledgement of the top performers in the sector. One development in particular, was certainly under the spotlight: Habitat.

The development in fact, won not just one but three awards: “Best Condo Development (Cambodia),” “Best Condo Development (Phnom Penh),” and “Best Residential Interior Design.” It also received the highly commended honour for “Best Residential Architectural Design” and “Best Landscape Architectural Design.”

But what makes a 13 unit development stand out among many other real estate giants with a consolidated reputation and why did it receive so many recognitions and awards? Realestate.com.kh met with the developer of Habitat to find out more.

The Winning Formula:

It was an unexpected win for Habitat, according to the developer, Intan Kosem and co-developer Micheal Davitt who said, “We really thought we may have had a chance to win just one award, merely because we were competing with really big players of the local real estate market. There is no need to mention that once our victory was announced, we were over the moon”.

When asked about the key components they think contributed to their win, Matthew Tippetts – managing partner at M Invest, which advised on the development -- affirmed that the greatest assets they possessed that could have possibly been noticed and appreciated by the panel of judges were the property’s quality in terms of finishing, design, space, and its offering of luxurious duplexes rarely seen in the country.

“People who visit Habitat, are always amazed since they do not expect that such a superior quality could be delivered in Cambodia.”

Some of the design and construction marvels brought about by Habitat are its high quality custom European designed fixtures and fittings, the efficient use of function and space within the apartments and common areas which comprises of the 10 by 4 m pool, pool deck, gym and BBQ area, the creative use of steel throughout the exterior to overcome the lack of materials available, the efficient ducted aircon systems, and the attention to detail on all aspect of finishes.

Edge Over the Competition:

Another factor that Mrs Kosem and Mr Tippetts think contributed to the development’s success is the fact that they had already constructed real spaces to show to clients. According to them, this was a step ahead from other developments which have relied on showrooms to showcase their units and it became their advantage.

As Mr Tippetts puts it, “With many of the cases, the visitors will be judging a promise. While with us, it is simply judging a fact, a real space.” He said that this gives confidence to potential investors and buyers since the visitors see the standard of commitment they have. Additionally, Habitat is certainly different to its competitors in terms of its size: the 13 units, give their owners a remarkable sense of privacy, without giving up the luxury living standards.”

Ross Wheble, one of the judges on the panel for the awards, commented on the victory saying “I think it’s a great achievement and well deserved; it’s a testament to the hard work and the commitment of the developer to deliver a product that stands out from the rest in terms of the quality of the design and construction”.

For Ms Kosem, those three awards certainly reassemble the payoff to the immense effort and passion she has put into the creation and delivery of this development. Her commitment and resilience brought her to perfect each detail, without ever compromising the quality and style of each unit.

The recognition of Habitat at the 2017 Cambodia Property Awards has definitely solidified its spot as one of the country’s best developments so far. And being officially part of that cluster, has became a standard to which new developments will be looking to measure up to or exceed. And yet, independent of that, Habitat still stands on its own as one of Cambodia’s forerunners as a residential dwelling in the industry.

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