Cambodia’s biggest Home & Lifestyle Expo is back for 2020

Jan. 30, 2020, 8:06 a.m.

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Are you currently looking or deciding to buy your first home or a new car for yourself, family members or loved ones for the upcoming New Year? If so, then you must visit this two-day Cambodia’s biggest Home & Lifestyle Expo 2020 which will be held on the 24 and 25 April 2020 at Koh Pich Exhibition Center.

The Home & Lifestyle Expo 2020 is the second annual event of the Home & Lifestyle Expo series, organised by, the number 1 property-focused marketing company in Cambodia.

According to Thomas O’Sullivan, CEO, last year’s event, the Home & Lifestyle 2019 was a great success. It had surpassed the company’s expectations in terms of the number of visitors and values worth of sales generated during the event. It attracted over 20,000 visitors with more than $ 30 million dollars in sales, including properties, cars, equipment, appliances, fashions and more.

With the tremendous support from the Cambodian people and everyone residing in Cambodia, is very pleased to create something that is really beneficial to the Cambodian market.

Mr. Thomas O’Sullivan said, “ We are so excited to bring back the Home & Lifestyle Expo to the Cambodian market, especially to those who consider purchasing their first homes, cars or more. Ultimately, our goal is to give Cambodian families an opportunity to get the best deals of the year at the expo, and also to create a space where they can have the best weekend out together.”

“The event will be bigger, better with greater deals,” he added.

(The entrance of Home & Lifestyle Expo 2019 at Koh Pich Exhibition Center/ 

Okhna Cheng Keng, the chairman of CPL Cambodia Properties Limited, a leading real estate agency in Cambodia who participated in the Home & Lifestyle Expo last year said, the event was well-organised and attracted tens of thousands of people, which was a great opportunity for product branding and exposure.

Okhna Cheng Keng said, “We had seen that it drove a lot of attention. It was a good event that attracted a huge crowd of people.”

(A huge crowd of visitors to Home & Lifestyle Expo 2019 at Koh Pich Exhibition Center/  

What else?

Besides exhibitors from the real estate industry showcasing their most prominent and latest development projects across the country with huge discounts including boreys, condos, office space, and lands. There will also be other exhibitors from other sectors spreading across over 100 booths at the Home & Lifestyle Expo 2020 including cars, motorcycles, mobile phones, appliances, furniture, devices, jewelry, sportswear, and equipment.

Better yet, attendees to the Home & Lifestyle Expo 2020 can access to some of the country’s best banks, microfinance institutions regarding requirements and procedures to get house and car loans. Plus, it will also include food and drink booths and fun facilities for families to really enjoy together.

Who is already on board for the Home & Lifestyle Expo 2020?

As of now, some of Cambodia's leading property developers, banks, financial service providers, real estate agencies and architecture companies, have already secured their spots for the upcoming Home & Expo 2020 which will be held on the 24 and 25 April 2020 at Koh Pich Exhibition Centre.

The exhibitors include: Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd , Morganford Investment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. , Urban Village Phnom Penh, Garden One, La Vista One, Creed Group, Borey VIP, Borey Mongkul Phnom Penh, Borey Lorn City, Borey The Flora, Elite Capital 168, Parc 21 Residence, MZ Design, Aristo Developers, and ACMA Hitachi.

Highlights of Home & Lifestyle Expo 2019 at Koh Pich Exhibition Center 

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