How to find International Investors, with Kuy Vat on Realestate.com.khTV
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:06 p.m.
Published on: July 20, 2016, 10:56 a.m.
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How to find International Investors, with Kuy Vat on Realestate.com.khTV

Recently, Century 21 Cambodia released it’s Condominium Market Report H1 2016 in Phnom Penh at the Raffles Le Royal Hotel.

The release was well attended by various partners, investors, and Century 21 agency managers from across the nation. In the speech of Mr. Kuy Vat, Chairman of Century 21 Cambodia, he mentioned his appreciation of Realestate.com.kh and offered thanks for Realestate.com.kh’s cooperation with Century 21 Cambodia, and the development of the real estate sector in Cambodia generally.

“It is with pleasure that Century 21 Cambodia work closely with Realestate.com.kh,” said Vat. He added that, “I think that Realestate.com.kh has become a renowned company in Cambodia. As this company has grown, they have played a very important role in the development of Cambodia, especially within the property market realm.”

He also mentioned that in order to have the Cambodian property market continuing its strong growth, stakeholders in the market should partner to develop the industry together for the good of all, whether they are developers, constructors, real estate agencies or media companies. “For instance, Realestate.com.kh is an online marketing company which works to advertise property inside Cambodia on behalf of agents and developers. But, Realestate.com.kh also has a very comprehensive marketing reach outside of Cambodia,” said Vat.

“Innovation like this will significantly help our country in promoting our real estate market to foreign investors,” says Vat.

Century 21 Cambodia is the exclusive holder of the Century 21 Trademark & Systems in Cambodia and oversees all Century 21 franchise offices across the Kingdom. Realestate.com.kh is the official property portal partner of Century 21 Cambodia, and has actively cooperated and supported Century 21 Cambodia in bringing the Cambodian real estate sector to a wider international market. By doing so, Realestate.com.kh has increased the exposure of Cambodian property to investors across Cambodia and the world. And nowadays, Century 21 Cambodia is working and very hard to develop international networks of investors and agencies in order to take the Cambodian property market to the center of the world stage.

Century 21 Global is present in over 78 countries worldwide, and Century 21 Cambodia are currently leveraging these connections to bring new investment opportunities and new investors to the Cambodian market. Vat believes that with strong connections between all stakeholders in the real estate sector, together we can support the long term development of this market.

He also believes that development companies with long-term interests in Cambodia will only survive when they work with strong and innovative real estate agencies. “Success may not happen overnight, but if we partner with the right companies it is a matter of time before our real estate industry is very successful,” concluded Vat. 

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