Why more and more investors eyeing on large apartments
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:01 p.m.
Published on: February 24, 2020, 12:36 p.m.

Why more and more investors eyeing on large apartments

The essence of happiness can be found in simplicity,

A large and comfortable bed

The sunshine casting on your balcony

A cozy space for peace and solitude

But deep down, all you need is the feeling of warmth and joy

At a place, you can genuinely call home.

Cambodia's growth and improving economy

Enable her people to dream of greater pursuits.

On top of urban developments, location, and modern considerations

The quality of an apartment has been redefined with higher standards

Large homes have become a good part of a sought-after lifestyle

Especially for inhabitants in the Khmer megalopolis.

Choose large apartments for a new life experience

Live a life of new experiences in Prince International Plaza

A cutting-edge product of the Spirit of Craftsmanship

Offers you a tailor-made and quiet luxury of 157-sqm

With a smart layout in practical partitions

Not only in the function of each room, but in form, as well

The well-designed large apartment by the Prince International

was molded in the essences of aesthetics, activity, comfort, and space

It’s where a happy life for quality-seeking families comes from.

Space of aesthetics at Prince International Plaza

Here’s a vision of life in a big apartment,

Wake up to a ray of gentle sunshine in the fresh morning

Stretch out in your roomy space while enjoying a family time

Take advantage of the generous sense of space with open views

A rich combination of landscape and lively atmosphere

Own an ample and refined property up in the skies

A year-round invitation to breeze and sunshine

Space of personal interests at Prince International Plaza

The large living room is important for quality time with family

The functional layout accommodates unique personalities

Multiple partitions allow families to enjoy one’s own hobbies in privacy

The spacious and bright space is also a place of inspiration

Sit in contemplation whilst appreciating the beautiful scenery

Share the harmonic ambience while spending time with friends

Life can be so vivid and exciting

A sense of harmony across generations at Prince International Plaza

Whoever you may be

A couple of newlyweds or an extended family

A home of 157 sqm has all you will need in the new chapters of your life

A flexible space, just for you, at Prince International Plaza

Be it stretching out and reaching for the open sky every morning

Or having a mini greenhouse or a yard to play with the kids

Perhaps even a private study to explore your interests

You have the freedom to realize the lifestyle you want

Live a life according to your tastes

Large apartments have become a popular choice among home buyers

Do not miss out the options at Prince International Plaza

Range from 50-sqm studio to 157-sqm family home.

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