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Panasonic: The Right Choice for Phnom Penh’s New Developments
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:00 p.m.
Published on: May 24, 2022, 5:43 a.m.

Panasonic: The Right Choice for Phnom Penh’s New Developments

In Phnom Penh’s ever-expanding condo market, developers are always on the lookout for an edge against the competition. Unique architectural approaches, strategic locations, and even economical pricing have been utilized by property developers to make a splash in the property market.

The Penthouse Residence, a high-end residential project in Tonle Bassac, Chamkarmon, is standing out by sticking to the fundamentals of residential projects: Providing a comfortable daily living experience for its residents. And it does this through support from Panasonic Cambodia.

Panasonic Cambodia, Providing for Businesses in Cambodia

Panasonic is a leading global appliance manufacturer providing high-quality products to businesses worldwide. Panasonic Cambodia has established itself as a reliable partner among businesses in the Kingdom.

Residential and commercial developers in Cambodia are always looking for top-end appliances and other electronics in their projects and Panasonic Cambodia’s wide range of products cover much of the ever-evolving needs of developers. Panasonic complements its wide range of products with expert technical expertise as well as software to efficiently manage and scale operations according to business needs.

Panasonic Cambodia Business Support

A Panasonic Product for Every Need

The Penthouse Residence, being a high-end residential, chose the finest products only Panasonic could provide. Olivier Belloy, Project Manager of The Penthouse Residence, cited Panasonic's air conditioner offerings that fit the project’s needs.

“For this project, we decided to install a few types of air conditioners. From 1-bedrooms that only need single split to 4-bedroom units that require multiple split systems,” he said, highlighting the multiple uses Panasonic’s product line has for the project.

Olivier Bolley added that The Penthouse Residence uses several other Panasonic products such as a television, refrigerator, and washing machine. “We’re also aware Panasonic offers more products such as an intercom system”.

Expert Technical and Software Support

Olivier Belloy, Project Manager of The Penthouse Residence mentions Panasonic’s Airconditioning Management System (P-AIMS) software and technical support for its operations.

“We can also control the system from our control room. We have our Panasonic software, and we can control a few parameters, including temperature” Olivier added, “We can even lock the temperature [of a particular space] to 24 - 25 degrees Celsius without having to use the controller”.

Panasonic also provides technical support for its products and ensures its systems are well maintained and tuned for the demands of high-quality condominiums like The Penthouse Residences

The Ultimate Advantage of Panasonic nanoe™X Tech

In a time where an outbreak can stifle economic activity for months and even years, Panasonic’s nanoe™X technology found in its air conditioner line-up ultimately delivers peace of mind for guests, workers, and business owners. Cambodian shoppers and business owners have little to fear as public spaces outfitted with Panasonic air conditioners and supporting systems ensure bacteria and viruses are eliminated, allowing them to go about their day, safe in the knowledge that they are well-taken care of.