Phnom Penh Bus System to Grow

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:12 p.m.

The Phnom Penh Municipality has recently requested more city buses from the Chinese and Japanese' governments in order to expand the existing public transport bus system to 10 routes throughout Phnom Penh city, according to announcements to the press from City Hall spokesman, Long Dimanche. public-bus-in-phnom-penhCurrently, according to Long Dimanche, there are only 50 buses running on three routes in Phnom Penh. He went on to say that Phnom Penh Municipality will ask China to donate 100 new buses to increase the bus service system, and for the Japanese government to bring 180. Yet, it is currently unclear how many buses will be provided by each country, and whether these buses will be new or used - however, already Japan has been said to have agreed to the formal requests. City Hall hopes that opening more bus routes across Phnom Penh, it should reduce congestion along major streets.  Read another article regarding congestion in downtown Phnom Penh here.footernews  

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