Phnom Penh Residential Market: Lifestyle Choices Changing
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:06 p.m.
Published on: March 24, 2016, 6:30 a.m.
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Phnom Penh Residential Market: Lifestyle Choices Changing

Year after year Phnom Penh is changing very quickly. New infrastructure, business centers and modern-style residences are spreading across the capital, and it seems the ideal lifestyle sought by Phnom Penhers may be transforming too. Realestate.com.kh takes a look at the changes in consumer trends in the Phnom Penh Residential Market as of 2016. condo-family The standard of living in Phnom Penh increasingly includes high standard amenities, privacy, security and a lifestyle that revolves fore-mostly around convenience. This is quite a change from the landed wooden bungalows that used to define the riverside city. Many new residential projects being launched in Phnom Penh are importing international standards of urban living with a key focus on the project site locations and livability in design. If new development projects don’t rise to these new standards, it is becoming increasingly hard to compete in the Phnom Penh residential market. Check out the latest new development projects now! The residential projects in Cambodia encompass all kinds of property; villas, flathouse, link house, penthouses, colonial mansions, condos and apartments. This gives Phnom Penhers a lot of choice... But as the city grows, along with congestion and a lack of affordable land, apartments and condos are becoming the natural choice for inner-city Cambodians with work demands and budget constraints. And clearly developers feel the market will move this way in the next few years, based on the hundreds of new condo projects underway in and around the Capital... But is this really the new lifestyle choice for people living in Phnom Penh? And if it is, why? “Customers requesting a home loan to buy a condo or apartment are growing, including both locals and foreigners. Local people want to test this new lifestyle - they think this type of residence is comfortable and very convenient, especially if the price is acceptable for local buyers’ incomes. The most important feature for a condo or apartment for new buyers is that it is well located in the downtown areas, close to places of work and entertainment venues,” says Ms. Heng Sreyneang, home loan officer at Canadia Bank. Ms.  Sambath Chanpisey, sale consultant at the Diamond One project said that, “Cambodian people are very interested in modern residences, and especially condos or apartments. They want to live like city dwellers in more developed countries. Meanwhile, foreign buyers, namely Malaysian, Japanese, Singaporean and Chinese buyers, buy condos and apartments in Phnom Penh for investment purposes and, sometimes, living.” Mr. Pen Pisey, a local Phnom Penher and real estate investor, says that, “I’ve owned an apartment for 2 years near SanSomKosal pagoda. I bought it with a loan from the bank. I never bought it for investment purposes or rental returns - I just want to live in the apartment because I feel secure and it offers great privacy.” Mr. Rosdra Thipadey, who works in a private company in Phnom Penh, said that, “I have lived in Rose Condo for 2 years already; it is so convenient, secure and located in the heart of the business district. Especially good, is that I have privacy and we can find all the services I need right here in the residence - such as a supermarket, gym, swimming pool, and many more things that make my life easier. I am so glad and feeling cool to live in Rose Condo.” The new face of Phnom Penh is defined by modern developments. The vision of investors is that one day this will become the accepted and preferred type of housing in the central city, as it is in other regional business hub cities. 38.9% of the Cambodian population falls within the middle age bracket - the perfect demographic to accept this new vision of a modern lifestyle and a high standard of living. People in Phnom Penh seem to be adjusting themselves to living the modern city life very quickly, despite high-rise life being a very new concept in Cambodia.