Discover the Top Amenities in Phnom Penh Condominiums
Updated on: June 21, 2024, 2:16 a.m.
Published on: June 20, 2024, 2:02 a.m.

Discover the Top Amenities in Phnom Penh Condominiums

Property developers have embraced the concept of modern living by integrating more than just functional spaces into homes. Amenities are highly sought after by tenants as they enhance the quality of life and add value to the property. Property developments in Cambodia are no exception to this trend.

This short article highlights condominium projects in Phnom Penh that feature the best new amenities and innovations.

Integrated Wellness

Wellness facilities are becoming an integral part of residential projects. However, the addition of gyms and pools is not new in residential projects, but some developers are aiming to go beyond the basics to offer more choices to residents. New offerings on amenities such as boxing rings, saunas, yoga studios, and dedicated green areas.

JTower 2 gym area also encompasses a boxing ring facility. (Supplied from JTower 2)

Healthcare within the comfort of one's own home has been highlighted with the recent launch of JTower 3's residential project. The project integrates 24-hour nursing services for residents, providing immediate healthcare assistance, which is unique in Phnom Penh. Besides enjoying a comfortable home, residents will have access to an array of wellness facilities, an extra mile that appeals greatly to those desiring a healthy lifestyle.

More About JTower 3:

JTower 3 is set to become a landmark in Phnom Penh as the country’s tallest building with a 77th floor. Living at JTower 3 will be the epitome of luxury living, its 3-bedroom unit only is designed with a modern and spacious interior that is perfect for families, or couples. Moreover, the amenities are well-rounded from relaxation to wellness.

Developer Tanichu Assessment Co Ltd is well-known in Cambodia for its recent project JTower 2, and the outstanding capital appreciation following a few months of its launch. JTower 3 is expected to be completed by the end of 2028.

To learn more about JTower 3, click here

Smart Home Technology

As technology increasingly intertwines with our daily lives, the concept of the smart home has also emerged in new property developments. A smart home leverages the internet allowing devices within the home to communicate with each other and be managed remotely via a common network.

Le Condé BKK1 is one of Cambodia's first property developments to feature an integrated smart home system. These systems are designed to enhance tenants' functionality and comfort while improving their homes' overall safety. The smart home technology allows for wireless control of doors, lighting, curtains, music, and temperature. It also includes timer controls, automated cleaning, and energy-saving measures.

Studio unit showroom display at Le Condé BKK1 .(Supplied from Le Conde BKK1 )

1-Bedroom showroom display at Le Condé BKK1. (Supplied from Le Condé BKK1)

Entertainment & Leisure Facilities

When it comes to entertainment, Phnom Penh has a lot to offer, but what if you could enjoy it even closer to home?

Picture this: Enjoying a morning coffee with stunning views, a children's playground, a cinema room, and karaoke facilities, all without leaving the premises—not just in a mall, but right where you live!

When it comes to entertainment, the ‘Times Square Residential Series offers a variety of facilities to please individuals, families, and couples. The recently launched Time Square 302 and Time Square 7 include new entertainment options such as a theatre, bowling alley, lounge, golf simulator, karaoke room, and children's playground. Leisure facilities integrated within residential buildings are becoming more creative and these additions ensure that residents can fully enjoy themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

Render image of the kid’s playroom at Time Square 302. (Supplied from Time Square 302)

Render image of the lounge area at Time Square 302. (Supplied from Time Square 302)

Render image of the cinema at Time Square 302. (Supplied from Time Square 302)

More about ‘Time Square Residential Series':

Megakim Corp Ltd, the Taiwanese Cambodian developer behind the ‘Time Square Residential Series,’ has made a significant mark in Phnom Penh’s real estate market. After the success of Time Square 1 in BKK1 and Time Square 2 and 3 in Tuol Kork, the developer is set to continue its success story with new projects Time Square 306, Time Square 302 and Time Square 7 in the city.

Megakim Corp Ltd is highly regarded for its reliability and consistent project completion. The Time Square projects boast prime locations in Phnom Penh, modern quality designs, state-of-the-art appliances, and affordable pricing, making them ideal investments.

Time Square 302, located in BKK1, and Time Square 7 in Tuol Kork offer a variety of leisure amenities to ensure residents can enjoy a comfortable and entertaining lifestyle at home. These are the 6th and 7th projects by the developer and are scheduled for completion in 2027.

To learn more about Time Square 302, click here & Time Square 7 click here

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