Centrally located Sky Villa soon to finish handover by September 2020!
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:01 p.m.
Published on: August 28, 2020, 8:53 a.m.

Centrally located Sky Villa soon to finish handover by September 2020!

Lin Yutang, a Chinese novelist, pondered in “The Chinese Way Of Life”: “With all the wisdom and common sense of mankind, one problem remains to be solved: How do people support themselves and ultimately enjoy life to the utmost satisfaction?”

Developments in residential technology have made it possible for large flats to allow people to work in cities and give them the space needed to live comfortably. These large flats in the center of highly urban areas represent how achievable a good life can be. And interestingly, it’s become more mainstream across Cambodia’s growing property market.

These large floor plans allow for magnificent views of winding rivers and growing cityscapes. These sights are even more majestic when all of the city’s lights are lit up at night.

Standing about 140 meters high, Sky Villa has certainly attracted the attention of luxury property seekers from all over the world. It uniquely stands within Phnom Penh’s growing skyline, making it the perfect home for countless urban elites looking for the quintessential luxury lifestyle of tomorrow.

The key to achieving this is the integration of top quality living with access to the conveniences of downtown. Sky Villa lets its residents reap the benefits of living luxury while being at the center of Phnom Penh’s thriving urban activities - all to be delivered by the end of September 2020!

Of course, luxury living doesn’t simply stop at the location and simple comforts. Sky Villa’s facade is a masterpiece of modern building design from great modern day architects. Internationally renowned Taiwanese architect Li Zuyuan (CY Lee), the mind behind Taipei 101, Kaohsiung 85, and the Chung Tai Chan Monastery, served as the lead for the team of architects responsible for the Sky Villa’s iconic appearance. 

Sky Villa’s residences are a canvass where residents can mold their units according to their preferences. Whatever their design may be, comforts surround their homes such as a wide outdoor area, dense gardens, and the natural light that adequately fills every inch of the Sky Villa’s interiors.

Sky Villa is located in a prime area of Phnom Penh, south of the Olympic Stadium in Makara District, and is adjacent to Sihanoukville Avenue and Polish Republic Avenue. The surrounding area is a center of Phnom Penh’s transportation network and is home to a host of supporting facilities. It is also only a few minutes away from the BKK consumer hot zone.

Government agencies, embassies of various countries, international financial institutions, and other commercial supporting facilities are near Sky Villa. Within the 3KM radiation range, there are Olympia Mall, AEON 1, the Russian Market, and the Central Market.

In addition to the bustling shopping malls, sports centers, etc., there are also many renowned schools around the Sky Villa, allowing parents plenty of choices for the benefit of their children. It’s almost poetic how a sense of peace can still be experienced in the middle of Phnom Penh’s thriving urban life.

SKY VILLA was designed and constructed with two 35-storey twin towers, beautifully crafted to stand uniquely in the center of Phnom Penh while complementing the city’s growth as the next investment hub in South East Asia. The beautiful scenery has become a new landmark of the original "Pearl of Asia".

The Sky Villa has a magnificent welcome hall, and the atrium is 10 meters high with natural light. The classic butterfly spiral staircase of European aristocracy can move to the mezzanine banquet hall. It is specially customized for high-standard banquets and private parties without the hassle of public places.

The exclusive Sky Villa Club on the top floor also has a wine cellar, a recreation room, which can be used as a private room, and a reading area. Next to the club is a restaurant that can make delicious and rare dishes.

The layout of each villa-type apartment of Sky Villa shows the exquisiteness of the palace-level private space, using superb design techniques and high-quality interior finishings to create a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. 

Sky Villa has a four-story underground parking lot, safe access to the home, and 24-hour monitoring equipment to protect all aspects of the house. Taking into account the usage habits of different age groups, all apartment door locks adopt 3 unlocking methods of "password + swiping card + key", and are equipped with full-featured video intercom - all of which facilitate the conveniences associated with luxury living and ensure family safety.

The full-featured video intercom can also be connected to the door sensor, infrared alarm detector, smoke detector, and other equipment to upgrade to a security technology protection network for protection against theft and other unauthorized entries. Each apartment is also equipped with an indoor escape door. This is used when the elevator cannot be used, especially in times of emergency to go immediately down the stairs. Sky Villa provides maximum protection for the owner's life and property safety.

The Sky Villa has 256 units with an area ranging from 272 to 509 square meters. There are eight types, all of which are high-taste luxury units, ideal for property seekers looking to live in true luxury.

As a rare and large flat-floor mansion in Phnom Penh, a spacious and bright living room and balcony with panoramic views of the city are considered essential. Each apartment type of Sky Villa has 2 french windows for residents to enjoy the city view and the space is very large. The height of each household is 3.6-4.1m, allowing the owners a large breathing space to design their space however they please.

Each apartment in the Sky Villa has a well-designed large viewing balcony, which can be directly accessed through the glass door of the living room. The owner can build a private garden, or use it as a barbecue area or a tea tasting area. Taking into account safety issues, the balcony guardrails of each apartment are made of double-layer tempered glass and advanced stainless steel technology, which is simple, beautiful, and durable.

The Sky Villa installed a double-layer soundproof glass which can effectively block 90% of the noise coming from outside. If you want to live in a busy city but can enjoy the tranquility of where you are, the soundproof design of the room is particularly important.

Each apartment type of Sky Villa is designed with more than 2 rooms. Both the master bedroom and the second bedroom have a very large space, which can ensure the comfort of life. The interior of the bedroom can easily accommodate a large bed of more than 2 meters, and a dressing room and cloakroom can be opened.

The toilet adopts the design of separation of dry and wet. It is transparent and has a bathtub. The shower nozzles of the bathroom are all internationally renowned brands, which are beautiful and durable and easy to clean. The storage cabinet in the bathroom can be hung in the air and is fully enclosed, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. The invisible handle keeps it beautiful while also ensuring safety.

As the most important area in any family, each kitchen has floor-to-ceiling windows, which are very transparent and bright. The walls are tiled as a whole and do not absorb oil and smoke, it also looks tasteful and easy to clean. The L-shaped design layout puts the position of the refrigerator, cabinets, and spacious operating table neatly which makes accessing each one convenient when attending to gatherings, however small or large they may be.

Sky Villa has always had a unique advantage as the project with the largest floor area in Phnom Penh’s fast-expanding property market. The needs of residents are carefully taken into account in the design of every apartment - creating and exceeding the urban life of Western homes for every family.

Do you want to get a large-scale existing villa-level luxury apartment at the most affordable price? The Sky Villa is the perfect choice for living the utmost luxury lifestyle in Phnom Penh!