Featured Agent Profile: Towncity Real Estate Cambodia

Feb. 16, 2017, 11:56 a.m.

Realestate.com.kh would like to present another of our featured agencies - Towncity Real Estate Cambodia. tc Check out Towncity Real Estate Cambodia's listings for rent and for sale on realestate.com.kh today Towncity Real Estate's Managing Director, Mr Van Chanthorn (John), began his career in real estate in 2004. Slowly but surely he developed his list of clientele and property, and his understanding of the Cambodian real estate climate, and his operation grew dramatically. In 2013, John re-branded the business with the adoption of the name Towncity Real Estate and the incorporation of Towncity Real Estate Co, Ltd. Today, Towncity is a fully licensed real estate company by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and a member of Cambodia's Valuers and Estate Agents Association ("CVEA") in the Kingdom of Cambodia. John now leads a team of dedicated real estate professionals who are committed to excellence in real estate. The team has built an extensive database of property sales to help guide buyers and sellers achieve the best market price. towncitylogo-new While, buying property in Cambodia may be unfamiliar to Cambodians and Westerners alike, the team at Towncity can help guide you through the process, with relationships in local government, banks, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Land and Management, the Bureau of Urban Planning and Construction and the Cadastral Office. The Towncity vision is simple: quite simply, to be the best real estate company in Cambodia.
Van Chanthorn (John), Founder and Managing Director of Towncity Real Estate Co. Ltd. Towncity Real Estate is fully licensed by the Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance. Towncity Real Estate is committed to delivering outstanding service to its clients, both Cambodian and Western. Equally, they are committed to getting their clients the best possible outcome in every transaction that Towncity oversees.
Check out Towncity Real Estate Cambodia's listings for rent and for sale on realestate.com.kh today

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