Wealth Building Cambodia
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:04 p.m.
Published on: May 15, 2017, 4:02 a.m.
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Wealth Building Cambodia

Partnerships can be a powerful tool for the of a successful business; 360 Ads & Events has organized a public forum, with both local and International companies, in order to fulfill a collective calling towards better collaboration for Cambodian businesses.

On the 16th and 17th of February 2017, 360 Ads & Events held a forum called Wealth Building at Sokha Hotel.

This forum was the first platform in Cambodia that aimed to assist various groups such as youth, students, startups, real estate experts, and general public. The goal was to better educate them on financial and business matters so that they could reach their business targets in the most meaningful way.

Ms. Dary Dek, Managing Director of 360 Ads & Events, said that the Wealth Building program was an event that combined three fairs in one single forum: wealth, marketing, startup. The objective of the event was to create a new platform for financial education for the public, to display the potential of new startups and to promote networking among business partners, and investors. It also aimed to bring associations, businesses, and the Junior Chamber International together to promote dialogue and cooperation.

The two-day forum was divided into eight seminar sessions to provide different perspectives from several speakers. The topics of the forum included “Should You Quit Your Job and Start a Business?”, “How to Create Multiple Incomes”, “How to Recruit the Right Sales Team”, “E-commerce and How You Can Benefit”, “Basics of Real Estate Investment”, “How to Benefit from Startup Supporters and Investors”, “Practical Tips in Setting Up a Strong Marketing Team”, and “Building Personal Brands Using Social Media”.

The speakers, did their best to motivate and encourage young students and entrepreneurs to start their own business and create business plans.

Mr. Phul Puthy, the co-founder of Small World Cambodia suggested to the public that “if you want to start a business, first make sure you know what you like to do and what your interests are. Once you know these, try to build your business around it.”

Chy Sila, the CEO of Sabay Digital Corporation, also shared the same ideology. He said, “If you are thinking of starting a business, make sure that fits your interests and your passions, otherwise you are likely to run into failure.”

The young crowd participating at the event seemed very interested and motivated by the topic covered. Mr. Sok Sinat, one of the many students who joined the event, with his friends. He said, “I like to take part in this types of forums since I think that is very beneficial as I can learn new things that are not generally taught in the classroom. More importantly, it helps me to gain knowledge about the current market, new business concepts, and opportunities.”

A staff member from a real estate company, Mr Van Vichet, said, “This forum helped me to understand how to set up a new business and a good sales team. I also, had the chance to meet successful business entrepreneurs, who shared ideas and tips about their businesses.”

In conclusion, the forum successfully completed its two-day run with more than 200 participants who visited the 40 stands and attended the seminars. 360 Ads & event will be running more events and forums in the upcoming months.

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