Wood vs. Tile Floors
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:05 p.m.
Published on: November 16, 2015, 5:58 p.m.
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Wood vs. Tile Floors


Realestate.com.kh has taken a look at the positive and negative sides of wood vs. tile floors for your next kitchen. Which are the easiest floors to clean? And which one, wood or tiles, brings the most value to your house? Are there any unexpected side effects if you choose the wrong floors for your next home? 

Wood Floors:

When you go with wood for your floors, everything old is new again! Wood is popular again these days, just like the old days, and there’s no reason that classic look shouldn't cover the rest of the home's floor for a seamless look and feel. woodfloor

The Positive Side of Wood Floors:

The Look is Superb: It may not suit every house, but wooden floors can quickly bring class to your kitchen, and value to most properties.

Accentuate Modern Features: The clean lines of wood floors add a seamless polish to any home - if done well. Wood can help an area feel homey, warm and welcoming.

Less Sneezing: Carpets and other coverings can create problems for those who react easily to dust in the air. Pet hair, dirt and dust don’t stick to wood so easily, so may offer relief to all you sneezers out there.

Sustainability: When looked after properly, wooden floors will last longer - and natural floors are generally more environmentally and family friendly than other synthetic flooring materials.

The Bad Side of Wood Floors:

Extra Attention: Wooden floors require extra care and attention, especially in a messy zone like the kitchen. They might be easier day to day, as they accumulate less dust, but you’ll need to treat them better over the long term if you want them to keep looking good - and take care not to use damaging cleaning materials.

House Sounds: Your wooden floors are a living thing which will creak, bend, absorb and breathe. This adds character to any house, but may also create noises, cracks and other surprises. Be careful during the installation that the wood not only fits according to outward appearances, but that will continue to feel, sound and behave the way you expect over time.

Damageable: The kitchen is a a busy place and often a dangerous place for flooring - and hardwood floors show their scratches. If you run a very busy kitchen, you might want to try synthetic laminate floors instead - cheaper, and easier to replace when damaged. They offer a similar effect if they are printed like wooden floors, with much less vulnerability. Wood reacts badly to moisture too, so make sure your kitchen can deal with any water damage quickly - or your nice flat wood floor won't look so cool (or flat) anymore.

Pricey: Good wood ain't cheap, and you need to make sure it is put down right!

Tile Floors:

Tiles have been kitchen favorites for-almost-ever. The colors and textures available are almost endless too, so tiling can be a lot of fun - and easily adjusted to your interior decorative tastes. tilefloor The Up Side of Tile Floors:

Hardy: Unless you literally throw the kitchen sink on them, tiles can happily support years of foot traffic in your kitchen.

Complete Design Flex: Lighter colored tiled floors can make a kitchen seem bigger, darker tiles on the floors can add contrast and shade. Smaller tiles are great for featured patterns, and larger tiles help a kitchen feel bigger. These hacks are all available for your kitchen when you choose tile floors...

Hot and Cold: Tiles keep you cooler in warm or hot weather, and hold the heat longer when it cools down at night.

The Pits of Tile Flooring:

Limited stock: They stop making some styles of tiles regularly, which can fast leave you up the creek with no paddle. This means that it can be hard to find a match if you need to replace or repair tiles on your kitchen floor in future.

Ease of Cleaning: While you might think that tile floors are going to be easy to clean - think again: Tiles can be very sneaky when it comes to stains. Some lighter colored tiles can stain easily if you don't clean them fast enough. For this reason, it is best to avoid bright whites tiles for your kitchen floor - or buy a set of tiles with maximum stain resistance. Heavy textures, with cracks and imprints, may also catch dirt and sticky substances - making the cleaning job much harder than first expected. Slate tiles will take extra time and care to really clean.

One Drop and the Gig's Up: Drop your plate or glass and you’ll soon see how forgiving tile floors are... Tiles are not a drop friendly surface. If you want tiles, but fear breaking your priceless china, try adding rugs or carpets in the high traffic zones to offset the risk of smashage. A few less wines before doing the dishes can also pay off...

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