7 Makara Location Profile

7 Makara Location Profile
7 Makara Location Profile


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The 7 Makara Khan is a very central but small district in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Khan 7 Makara has a mix of older villas, residential buildings, commercial offices as well as new developments and some newly renovated shopping malls.

At the core of the area is the National Sports Complex and Olympic Stadium and the new The Olympia City development. This huge complex hosts many of the national Cambodian sports and has several malls attached.

Due to its location, several important roads intersect or pass by its borders, making it easily accessible to all parts of the city.

Key Information

There are some iconic buildings located in 7 Makara. A number of government buildings line the Russian Federation Boulevard to the north which includes the High Command HQ, the Ministry of Rural Affairs, and the noticeable landmark of the Office of the Council of Ministers (OCM), which is where the Cambodian cabinet convenes and rules the country of Cambodia from.

The Two Deer Park, which is in front of the government buildings, is very popular at nighttime for people exercising, it is a rare sight to be in such close vicinity to a nation's seat of government and major traffic intersections on Russian Blvd.

The National Sports Complex and Olympic Stadium, developed in the 1960s, are the most well-known buildings in 7 Makara.

Many banks and corporations have their offices in 7 Makara however, the area mainly attracts as a transport hub, shopping destination, and of course a key attraction for national sports activities with the NOCC (National Olympic Committee of Cambodia) offices and the Olympic Stadium taking centre stage.

Phnom Penh Tower is a very well known office building in the heart of the city and is home to many companies, as well as a rooftop bar and ground floor cafes.

Pi Pay Tower is another example of the area’s attraction to big corporations being located in 7 Makara.

Kampuchea Krom Blvd (st 128) is a long street, probably most well-known for the high number of computers, mobile phones, and IT stores, but it represents a huge cross-section of retail, home furnishing, clothing, banks, cafes, and other food and beverage outlets.

The population of Cambodia increased from 12 million in 2018 to over 15 million by 2020. 41.09% of the Cambodian population are between 25 and 54 years old, with an average age of 25.7 years. 

The city of Phnom Penh had a total population of just over 2 million in 2019 and the Khan of 7 Makara  (according to the 1998 census of Cambodia), had a population of 96,192. 

This central and popular district in Phnom Penh has grown with new mixed residential developments completed and the results of the latest census should be released in 2020.

Things To Do in 7 Makara

Orussey Market is one of the biggest markets in Phnom Penh and it is located in 7 Makara. It is a commercial hub for many Cambodians in the city. The multi storey (3 floors) and busy market caters for almost everyone but it's not frequented by tourists as much as it is by locals, expats and traders. The Orussey Market offers a wet market with plenty of food, household supplies, garden tools, electronics, clothing, and much more.

The nearby street 107 is famous for selling a variety of bicycles, second-hand and new, and is a great place to buy a bicycle if you have the bargaining skills.

The Olympia Mall is located centrally in Phnom Penh, surrounded by residential and commercial buildings (The Olympia City development) and offers food, drink, and entertainment choices.

In late 2019, Olympia Mall’s developer announced a further expansion of the mall as part of a “second phase” development.

The City Mall Shopping Centre is located to the west of the Olympic Stadium and houses a selection of retail outlets, branded F&B options, a food court, and a Legend Cinema.

There are also Bayon Supermarkets and other commonly found grocery stores in the area, as well as corner marts, making it convenient for local residents.

The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism (MOT) has its offices in Makara 7 and is the body that oversees all tourism-related activities in the Kingdom. Tourism is incredibly important to Cambodia and considered one of its key economic pillars. 

The Olympic Stadium, although it has never hosted an Olympics, is the dominant sports complex and landmark in 7 Makara. The National Olympic Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium with a capacity of 50,000.  The National Sports Complex was completed in 1964 and designed by the legendary Vann Molyvann. In the future, national football and other sports may be played at a new complex, Morodok Techo National Stadium, which is under construction on the outskirts of the city and is due to be completed before Cambodia hosts the 2023 SEA Games.

There are also facilities for volleyball, boxing, gymnastics, aerobics, basketball, and other sports near the current stadium. Some of these are open to public use, such as the running track and it is particularly busy in the evenings. 

The Olympic City development sits in the heart of the city of Phnom Penh and to the southwest of 7 Makara. This imposing massive mixed development is themed after the colours of the Olympic rings and envelops part of the Olympic Stadium and is adjacent to the NOCC (National Olympic Committee of Cambodia) HQ and many national sports body training facilities.

The development is the largest mixed-use development in the heart of the city and has a number of towers for residential and commercial units, swimming pools, and food and beverage outlets.

Orussey Market is a three-storey large white building near Olympic Stadium. The markets itself and the surrounding streets are a constant buzz of activity and there are several retail shops surrounding the markets selling a range of bedding, textiles, bicycles, electronics, and more. The Cuban Embassy and the German Embassy are both located in the area too.

Aside from the number of new developments, there are many small busy streets with vendors selling food in the area. There are plenty of restaurants which offer local Cambojan, Chinese and international cuisine.

Emperors of China have been operating in Phnom Penh since 1998 and have a range of dim sum and Chinese cuisine on their extensive menus. The business now has several branches in the city but the one in 7 Makara is still very popular with its clientele.

The malls in the area have a plethora of franchised F&B (food and beverage) outlets such as Amazon Cafe, Swensens, The Pizza Company, Krispy Kreme, Bayon Bakery, and Lucky Supermarket.

Around the hospitals, schools, and government buildings there are plenty of local food stalls that get busy during mealtimes, catering to their regular customers who work in the area.

The area of 7 Makara might be a bit lighter on nighttime activities compared to nearby Khans but it still has some attractions. There are local corner bars and beer gardens although these are less frequent than other districts as the area is more reserved in terms of nighttime activities.

The north side of 7 Makara along Russian Blvd has a number of cafes, restaurants, and fast-food outlets, predominantly catering for the large student population of the nearby universities such as the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL).

Eclipse Sky Bar is one of the original rooftop spots in Phnom Penh and still offers fantastic views of the capital. There is a great selection of drinks and a food menu and it is popular for celebrating birthdays and other special occasions. It is located on the 23rd floor and provides a 360-degree view of the city, which is especially appealing at night.

The Olympic Stadium is very busy in the evenings with residents and expats taking part in a range of organised and personal sports and exercise activities. It is also great for watching the sunset and people watching and much local food and drink stalls are set up in the vicinity. The car park also often has acted as the site of events and food markets and concerts.

Being so central in the city of Phnom Penh, means that there is a wide range of public transportation options for you in 7 Makara.  

The most common means of transport are Cambodia’s tuk-tuk or the remork-moto, which is a carriage attached to a motorcycle, while newer smaller independent tuk-tuks have also entered the market in recent years. All are popular on a number of ride-hailing apps which are commonly used in Phnom Penh (PassApp and Grab are two examples). Motodops (or motorbike taxis) are also widely used and easy for short distances.

The ride-hailing apps are still the best to get around the city and can be linked to your bank card or you can pay by cash. Remember to carry small denominations of Riel and US Dollars.

Taxis are also alternatives for commuters, and a number of bus services are available with set routes in Phnom Penh.

The Phnom Penh International airport is about 20-30 minutes away from 7 Makara, depending on the traffic, and there are many ways to reach it from the Khan. Vehicles can be pre-booked or simply hailed to get from/to the airport.

A number of the domestic bus companies also have their terminals and pickup-drop off sites in the area due to its central location.

Although the area is not heavily populated by expats, many do visit here for the Olympic Stadium (to take part in the many sports facilities such as the running track, swimming pool) and to watch the national football team play its home games at the stadium.

The range of malls, Orussey Market and bus stops also attract tourists and expats to 7 Makara.

Lucky Lucky Motorcycle Rental is one of the more trusted visa agents and motorbike rental shops in the city and located along Monivong blvd and the corner of Street 182.

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