Toul Kork Location Profile

Toul Kork Location Profile
Toul Kork Location Profile


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Translated as “ground hill” in Khmer, Toul Kork is located to the west and northwest of the centre of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and is a popular suburban area of the city.

It is believed the district is the second most popular residential area in Phnom Penh after Chamkarmon. The area has seen a huge amount of development in recent years and has attracted a mix of businesses, commercial, residential tenants and home-owners. The area is well known for a large number of villas and an increasingly growing number of boreys.

Boeung Kak Lake is a large central section of land that used to be popular with expats, NGOs and had an active arts scene in the late 1990s through to around 2015 but has since then, the lake area has been reclaimed and it is undergoing earmarked mixed development. There are condos, shopping malls, entertainment venues, business complexes and parking lots under construction, or already completed.

The area to the north is still surrounded by several potential development areas and plots of land. However, with the rapid development of the commercial and real estate, large areas of vacant land have now been filled. This also has resulted in a vastly improved infrastructure. 

A large number of senior officials and a section of the business elite of Phnom Penh and Cambodian officials also reside in Toul Kork. The Khan is now considered an extension of the capital’s CBD rather than an outlying area and it is also a thoroughfare to the recently popular Sen Sok area.

Key Information

Toul Kork is now thought to be the second most popular residential area after Chamkarmon in Phnom Penh.

An increasing number of Cambodian families have chosen Toul Kork to settle in recent years as the appeal of the area has grown, and as the land value has been more affordable than BKK for example. There are in 2020 a wide variety of modern apartments, villas and open land still available.

The Government ministries of Defense, Rural Development and Women's Affairs of Cambodia, as well as a variety of commercial enterprises are also located along the main roads in Toul Kork. 

There has been an increase in the number of mixed-use projects in the area in recent years, such as Gateway, TK Square and Phnom Penh City Centre (PPCC) just to name a few.

With the continuous progress of urbanisation in Cambodia, the capital of Phnom Penh has gradually expanded in size. Toul Kork is rapidly becoming an extension of Phnom Penh's original CBD, with about 20 apartment projects currently under construction with prices ranging from $1,800 to $3,000 per square metre. 

Tenement housing and Grade B and C commercial office projects will be steadily supplied in the future, and the development of the commercial real estate, especially shopping and entertainment venues, is also a growth point.

Although Toul Kork is not as prosperous or high-value as some others in the capital, the livable environment with its growing prosperity attracts the middle and wealthier class and business people. It is also strategically located for future growth and increased property prices.

The business environment in Toul Kork is gradually becoming stronger. Restaurants, shops and entertainment centres have sprung up. TK mall and the adjacent Sen Sok area as well as abundant educational facilities, has encouraged more people to move to Toul Kork. 

Toul Kork is now regarded as a mix of a governmental, trade, financial and residential area, and has successfully attracted a great number of middle-class Cambodians, government officials, regional and international enterprises and a variety of professionals.

According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, Toul Kork had a population of 154,968 and according to the 2008 census of Cambodia, the population had grown to 171,200. The number should be significantly higher by 2020 as there has been increased urbanisation, arriving expats and the local population growth.

Cambodia's total population has increased to 15.28 million by March 2019, which represented a 14% increase since the 2008 census. The final results of the 2019 general population census are due to be announced in late 2020.

Things To Do in Toul Kork

TK Avenue is the main shopping mall in the area and it boasts a cinema, a huge supermarket, as well as international brands for food, beverages and shopping. This premiere shopping destination offers well-known outlets like Brown cafe, Starbucks and Chatime.

Although not located in TK, the addition of large scale malls and warehouse style retail outlets in Sen Sok such as Aeon Mall 2, Makro and Global Home are very close by.

The development of the Phnom Penh City Centre, has already seen the addition of supermarkets, F&B outlets and much more. Eden Garden Phnom Penh mall opened in 2018 and is located in the Phnom Penh City Centre (PPCC) and offers over 5,000 square meters of retail and dining spaces in an open-air design. There are also movie theatres, sports facilities and night clubs in this centrally located mall. 

Thai Huot and Lucky supermarkets provide a western-style grocery shopping experience, and the popular chain supermarkets are expanding in the city as well as the Chip Mong and Super Duper outlets.

There are countless other retail outlets throughout Toul Kork supplying everything residents could need from electronics, clothes, home supplies and more.

Toul Kork has local markets north of Russian Boulevard and several other small wet markets such as the Daem Kor Market, the Neak Meas Market, and the Phsar Plaecher.

Toul Kork is probably not known for too many cultural or historical landmarks but the area is dotted with government ministries, schools and new developments. 

Cambodian government offices in Toul Kork include:

  • Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Association
  • Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center
  • National Institute of Public Health
  • Ministry of Health
  • General Department of Taxation
  • National Social Security Fund
  • National Employment Agency
  • Australian Center for Education
  • The Hun Sen Library
  • Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training.

The iconic TVK aerial to the north, close to TK Avenue, does stand out, while the whole transformation of the Boeung Kak Lake area in a relatively short amount of time is impressive.

The newly built mixed development of Sky31 is a luxury apartment project in the city centre that integrates residential, F&B, retails outlets and recreational uses all in one complex. At a height of 31 storeys it is a new identifiable landmark in the Toul Kork district. There are also the large and well-established DeCastle buildings, Morodok Khmer Apartments, Chey Phumin, Nobelesse, and the ISL Modern Apartment complexes.

In terms of educational facilities, there are abundant options, such as Golden Gate International School, Zaman International School, Western International School, Beijing International School and ACE International Language School.

Several national universities in the area include:

  • Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)
  • University of Economics and Finance
  • Institute of Technology Cambodia
  • National Tax School
  • Institute of Foreign Languages
  • Pannasastra University of Cambodia TK

In terms of medical facilities, there are more than 100 outpatient centers in the area, as well as medical institutions such as Victoria International Hospital, Khema Clinic, Calmette Hospital and more modern Royal Phnom Penh Hospital.

There is no shortage of dining options in Toul Kork. There are local Cambodian restaurants, street food, and snacks on most streets in TK.

Aside from the malls such as TK Avenue and Eden Garden Phnom Penh, which are home to many local, regional and international franchises (Lucky Burger, Amazon Cafe, etc), there is also the Metro restaurant at TK Avenue, and new dining options including steakhouses, hotpot and Chinese restaurants popping up at Eden.

There are plentiful cafés in Toul Kork with Starbucks, Koi, Brown, Amazon and Chatime all present. Other boutique options are The Shop and Java Cafes which also offer fresh baked goods, coffees and a full food menu.

Aside from the plentiful traditional Cambodian cuisine selections, there are also Chinese and Japanese restaurants in Toul Kork such as Ajisen Ramen or Dim Sum Emperors for dumplings. 

Burger King and Al's Tacos both provide US-style fast food while Korean food is also quite popular in Toul Kork - Korean BBQ (Seoul Myeon Ok Restaurant and Dae Jang Geum are popular) as well as Khmer style BBQ eateries.

In Toul Kork, the night entertainment choices for foreigners are more limited than in BKK1 or Tonle Bassac for example, but for many Cambodians there is a good mix of karaoke, family-style eating venues and local basic bars. 

Some of the karaoke and larger local club options include Romantic KTV, M2 Restaurant & KTV, Moonlight Restaurant & KTV.

Metro AZURA offers great food and is a good place to sip on drinks while The Wine Collection Lounge, De Liqueur, 56 Beer Garden Restaurants, etc. are other nightspots in Toul Kork

The malls are also an option for the cinema, and late-night dining. There are also ample sports complexes for football, gym and other group activities.

Toul Kork district has some of the best newly built roads in the capital. It is relatively easy to walk around or ride a bike in this area but it is getting increasingly more busy and congested at peak times.

Russian Boulevard cuts right through Toul Kork, and Mao Tse Tung Boulevard runs north to south while the access through the Phnom Penh City Centre also saves time to reach the riverside of the capital.

Toul Kork is also not far from the current Phnom Penh International Airport, or the Phnom Penh Royal Railway station. 

Otherwise, the standard options of taxis, tuk-tuks, motodops are all available and these can be hailed, booked online or via one of the many ride-hailing apps such as PassApp or Grab.

There are many locations in Phnom Penh that appeal to and are fairly attractive for both expats and Cambodians. Toul Kork has become more popular for some expats, but not at the same rate as TTP, Tonle Bassac, Riverside etc. Despite the more affordable land prices and rental prices, there is less to do in TK socially but for teachers and families there is a lot of appeal in living in Toul Kork.

More Cambodian families, foreign workers, businesses and investors are investing in and purchasing properties in this area. There are now more Chinese, Vietnamese, South Korean, Japanese, and western expats in Toul Kork. The Khan is more affluent and attracts middle income and wealthy Cambodian home-owners too.

According to Key Real Estate, land prices off smaller roads can average as low as $1,700 per square metre, while in high-traffic areas, land can go for over $5,000 per square metre in Toul Kork.

With more international schools setting up shop in Toul Kork, or closeby, its attracting international teachers who are relocating to the area. 

Northbridge International School and ISPP are two of the most well-known schools in the capital, and situated nearby the airport - ready to accommodate Toul Kork’s residents. The AISPP (Australian International School of Phnom Penh) to the north of TK is a new addition.

Toul Kork is also stacked with medical options such as the Cambodian Red Cross, National Pediatric Hospital, Khema Clinic & Maternity Hospital, Toul Kork Clinic & Maternity, Biomed Phnom Penh Laboratory, and the National Institute of Public Health.

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