When we talk of Kampot, the first thing that comes tour our mind is Kampot Pepper. Considered to be the best pepper globally, Kampot Pepper has captivated chefs from many countries from Asia, Europe, and North America. Bu there is more to Kampot than Kampot Pepper. Kampot is also a place where the French legacy lives on. French architecture, French bakeries, and other French influences area big part of the province, which is bordered on different sides by the provinces of Kep, Takeo, and Sihanoukville. Kampot also has many tourist attractions visited by many locals and foreign visitors. The leading tourist attraction in Kampot is Bokor Hill Station atop Bokor Mountain where a collection of French colonial buildings (church, royal residence, etc.) is located. Also found in Kampot are Teuk Chhu Resort, Phnom Chhnork, and Tek Chhou Falls. There are many real estate for rent in Kampot. Most of the real estate for rent in Kampot are villas and houses. The villas are mostly a French legacy and are mostly the home of well-to-do people. The villas for rent in Kampot are well-designed and furnished, similar to the ones you will see in Paris and other French cities, though some of the villas are a cross between French and Khmer architecture, with a sprinkling of Chinese and Western influences other than that of France which ruled Cambodia as a French Protectorate for nearly a century. There are also many houses for rent in Kampot. These are either one-room dwellings or houses with multiple rooms and many and better amenities, which naturally command much higher rent. There are also apartments for rent in Kampot, but these are still not comparable than the high-end apartments and condos you will see in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, and other urban areas. A few shophouses, warehouses/storage areas, and borey units can also be rented in Kampot. Take a look at the Realestate.com.kh portal for additional information about real estate for rent in Kampot.

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Real Estate for Rent in Kampot

Found 31 Residential for Rent in Kampot

Villa in Kampot for rent in down town

Kampot, Kampot
A beautiful place with big area villa in Kampot down town can make business or to stay.
Listed: 7 months ago

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