4 Bed, 5 Bath Shophouse for Sale in Borey Cheu Pom

Borey Cheu Pom

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Borey Cheu Pom ( Shophouse E0+E1+E2) for Sale

A borey home is one of the best types of real estate to own in Cambodia. This home offers up all the aspects that make borey ownership unique. There are 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms spread across 3 floors, this space is ideal for a medium size family.

The bathroom(s) are well appointed and sleek, being decked out with fixtures that are durable and well designed. There’s a kitchen that is perfect for accommodating the whole family. They are perfect for every member of the family. The living area sits at the centre of the home. It comes standard with a TV, sofa, chair and calm lighting. From the balconies, you can take in the fresh air, sit with a cup of coffee or relax on the weekends.

Living here offers so much more than just a home. The community boasts amazing shared facilities. Cafes, markets and shops cater to your everyday needs such as groceries, snacks and dry goods. Full 24-hour security means you can sleep well knowing you’re in a safe community. A playground is there to be a place for the kids to play and socialize. Immaculate gardens can be a place for you to take an evening stroll or even a weekend picnic.

Borey Cheu Pom located in Por Sen Chey district, one of the fastest-growing areas of the country. There are tons of schools, restaurants, banks, markets, and entertainment venues all within arm’s reach.

In no time at all you can be a proud homeowner. Call or click today to get more details!

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Property type: ShophouseProject: Borey Cheu PomDeveloper: Borey Cheu PomProperty ID: 109607
Original ID: Shophouse E0+E1+E2Listed: 8 months agoUpdated: 8 months ago

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Borey Cheu PomBorey Cheu PomBorey Cheu Pom was captivated by the potential in real estate market and the fast-growing economy in Cambodia. Borey Cheu Pom focus and value in high quality living lifestyl...The ultimate guide to Phnom PenhThe ultimate guide to Phnom Penh The city of Phnom Penh has come a long way from the trying times under the French and the dark days under the Khmer Rouge. It has grown to be a city where people from different w…

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