4 Bed, 6 Bath Twin Villa for Sale in Borey Sambath Meanheng III (Sambath Gneansophat)

Borey Sambath Meanheng III (Sambath Gneansophat)

Sale price$125,222

Twin Villa

Experience all the key features of grandness and that are included in the single villa, living in a Twin Villa but in a more affordable price. Twin Villa is basically 2 single Villas that share a common wall with 2 separate owners and two courtyards. Two large houses are identical and adjacent which are suitable enough to serve and accommodate the extended Khmer family to live in harmony.

The Twin Villa contain 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, 1 kitchen and a wide parking space which are clean and comfortable place with full decorative elements with high quality finishes, a host of amenities and built-in furniture.

Borey Sambath mean heng III contains a lot of features such as gym, kid playground and club house , plus a garden at the back for private landscaping, will to help you and your family to stay active and in harmony for sales in Cambodia.

With the emphasis on having your own place but with the benefits of togetherness, Twin Villa is coming with a design of clean and smooth surfaces with simple decorative elements to an everlasting contemporary style for sales in Cambodia.

The measurement of this Twin villa equals W 5m*12m L