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Houses for Sale in Sihanoukville: Home Buyers Guide
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:07 p.m.
Published on: May 18, 2017, 6:26 p.m.
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Houses for Sale in Sihanoukville: Home Buyers Guide

Sihanoukville is one of the major tourist destination of Cambodia and is seeing a rapid economic growth. Currently, tourism and real estate are the main drives of its development and investors are rushing here not to miss out on the benefits of investing in the housing and hospitality sector.

What are the types of Houses for Sale in Sihanoukville?

Currently, the housing sector in the province is growing significantly due to the increasing demand of the tourism sector. Several kind of residential properties can now be found such as flats, villas, apartments, and resorts for tourism or business.

Borey for sale in Sihanoukville

Boreys are regarded as a gated community occupied by people looking for a modern living space, and they usually offer different types of residential units such as apartments, villas, and shophouses. Borey projects available in this area include Borey BS, Borey Peal City, and the Borey Hillton Park Villa. These borey projects typically start with 1-bedroom with a starting price of $60,000.

Condo for sale in Sihanoukville

As in the rest of the country, the supply of condo projects in Sihanoukville is growing too.

One of the prime condo projects that saw an early investment opportunity in Sihanoukville is D'Seaview Condominium project. The development is located only1 km from the coast of Sokha beach and the fresh air and the beautiful natural scenery provides comfort and great atmosphere to those living there. Residential units range from 1 to 3 bedrooms and are suitable for those looking for a modern lifestyle by the beach.

Another condominium project in this area is The Royal Bayview which is located along the coast of Independence​ Beach. The project will feature 1.344 units and will also have a 3-storey shopping area. The Royal Bayview is expected to reach completion by the end of 2019.

Another project located near by is The Blue Sky Tower, which is located in Sangkat 2, with a starting price of $40,000.  The Nest Apartments Seaview Condominium is also rising on the in the area and is located along the coast of Hawaii beach. It has 9 storeys and has unit sizes ranging from 30 to 126 square meters with a price range of $28,500 to $52.500.

It is clear therefore that the number of residential condominium projects rising in the coastal areas is growing very fast.

Why are residential developments in Sihanoukville attractive?

Currently, a number of infrastructure projects are under construction such as The railway system, the airport expansion, the Sihanoukville port development. This development will not only help boost the growth potential of the region and provide confidence for investors, but it will also ease the transport of materials and reduce the price of condos in the area. In addition, Sihanoukville is becoming very popular due to its location, and clean beaches.

As mentioned earlier, tourism is also growing very fast: the Department of Tourism expects tourist numbers to run up to 3 million annually by the end of 2020 -- 1 million of international arrivals and 2 million locals.

What are the potential areas for investment in Sihanoukville?

Sangkat 4 seems to be one of the best options for residential area. It is located alongside the beach and includes the Ochheuteal Beach and stretches for 4 kilometers. It is located along the coastal road towards Serendipity beach and is a very popular area because of its convenience in terms of transportation and international trade.

There is no doubt that Sihanoukville is becoming increasingly popular; whether you are looking for a vacation house or looking to relocate by the beach, is it certainly worth to check what the market is currently offering.

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