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How to attract tenants for your apartment for rent
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:07 p.m.
Published on: January 10, 2016, 4:44 p.m.
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How to attract tenants for your apartment for rent

What are the special features of your apartment for rent that are going to make potential tenants genuinely excited to move in?

Find out what is attractive about your apartment property for renters - and then flaunt it, baby! With this in mind, Realestate.com.kh has gotten to the bottom of what tenants really want when considering an apartment for rent 

Location of your apartment

Apartment tenants are more driven by no other factor than a prime location. But of course, “a great location” is always subjective. Different apartment renters are looking for different locations depending on where they work, where their kids go to school, and what they like to do for fun on the weekends. Renters will pay a lot more money to live in their preferred location.

Normally, people are looking for hubs within the city with amenities at hand. This means shopping, banking, F & B venues, schools, and proximity to workstations. But, first and foremost, tenants considering your apartment for rent will look for transport options. If your apartment for rent isn’t close to these other amenities naturally, you had better make sure your tenants can access appropriate transport, or, at the very least, have parking for their personal vehicle “People think about where they need to live long before they consider how they would like to live.”

The unique features of your apartment for rent and any questions of cost only enter the tenant’s equation after location is measured. Access to workplaces and schools is always going to be important because we spend as much time at these places as we do in our homes. So, always make sure transport amenities are promoted to prospective clients considering your apartment for rent.

And, if you are still searching for an investment apartment or condo to use as a rental property – pay more for a great location, because it is going to guarantee your rental returns for that apartment into the future. If you cheap out and buy an apartment in a bad location, don’t expect the rental process to be easy…. Lock in a great location, and your apartment for rent won’t sit empty for long.

For agents, when a property seeker mentions they want to live in a certain area – this really means they must live in this location. Don’t see it as a preference among many. It is the number one preference.

If you want to help them and win the commission, forget about apartment properties away from their preference area – even if the prices are higher where they really want to live. Apartment renters will generally rethink their budget when the right location comes along.

Number of bedrooms inside the apartment:

If a rental tenant says they need 3 bedrooms, that is exactly what they need – and they will be very unlikely to accept less.  So – if you don’t have enough bedrooms for that prospect in your apartment for rent, don’t bother inviting them to view the property.

You are wasting your time! Possibly, they will accept an extra bedroom inside the apartment for rent, but not if it is costing them an arm and a leg.  Some people do like to have a spare bedroom for guests or as a study/home office. This means always making it very clear how many bedrooms your apartment has available, and focusing on making that feature attractive.

When the tenants visit your apartment for rent, make sure all rooms are set up for occupants and don’t try to advertise a room that is not fit to be a bedroom as a bedroom. This will frustrate prospective tenants who are only considering properties that truly fit their bedroom necessities.

Extra Perks

Those in the market for an apartment for rent are generally quite busy people. They might be foreigners temporarily living here for work. They might be students living in the city to study. Or they might own a property in the provinces but need an apartment for rent close to their workplace so they can work in the city during the week.

This means the tenant might appreciate features in your apartment for rent like the garden and swimming pool – but, remember, they don’t want to maintain them! This makes an apartment for rent with service inclusions very attractive.

Tenants don’t want to waste their time setting up the internet connection, or paying the electricity bill to the provider. The more services you can package into the rental price for your apartment for rent, the better. When the tenant pays just one fee every month and knows that the pool will be cleaned, the garden will be weeded, and the internet will be provided – this is a great bonus for prospective tenants looking at your apartment for rent.

Cleaning services and exercise facilities might also be attractive to many busy tenants looking for an apartment to rent. "If you are dealing with a busy demographic - think about how you can make their life easier!" Make your property more attractive to tenants by thinking about how you can make their day-to-day life easier. This will mean your property rents faster, and for a higher monthly rate.