Borey Developers take Interest In the Cambodia Real Estate Show 2 this October

Sept. 4, 2017, 11:46 a.m.

May of this year was when the first Cambodia Real Estate Show marked a milestone in the country’s real estate market. Not wanting to lose momentum, the show is set to make a comeback on the 6th and 7th of October 2017. It will be held at the NagaWorld Hotel in Phnom Penh and will provide a platform for local and foreign property investors to check out the offerings currently available in the Cambodian real estate market.  

The last show attracted over 3,000 guests from all over the region, with over $3 Million worth of sales accumulated. These figures have created high demand for the second show from a number of agencies and developers in the market.

“We were very satisfied to be a part of the inaugural Cambodia Real Estate show at NagaWorld. The event enabled our team to generate a significant number of direct sales and many good quality leads for prospective buyers. We are looking forward to the next event organized by the team,” said Mr. Laurence Hamilton, Vice President of NC Max World Real Estate Development.

With this heightened interest in the second show, both returning and new Borey developers have already signed up and will be given the chance to experience even greater success at the October show!

The Creed Group will once again be one of this show’s exhibitors after hitting it big in the first show, gathering over 21 unit bookings and reservations for their various projects. They will once again be presenting and promoting the Bodaiju Residences, Borey Maha SenSok, and the Arata Garden Residences.

Star 5 Developer Pvt Ltd and the Boao Hongkai Group will be joining The Creed Group in order to exhibit their high-quality projects. Both developers have had various international experiences in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Laos. These range anywhere from residential, commercial, to mixed-use developments. Some of the projects in Cambodia under Star 5 Developer Pvt Ltd include the Skyland Condominium, Skyland Villas, and Starland. Meanwhile, the Chinese developer Boao Hongkai Group is set to turn over the Borey Bo Ao units by the end of 2017. 50% of all the residential units have already been sold and are ready for occupancy.

Renowned local development firm Orkide Villa will also be at October’s show, exhibiting Orkide The Condo amoung it various other borey projects in Cambodia.

Other than the influx of interest from Borey developers to showcase their projects at the show, there will also be other activities such as extended seminars for property buyers, sellers and investors in English, Khmer and Chinese, and panel discussions on topics relevant to the market in 2017.

CEO for, Thomas O’Sullivan explains that, “during the show, attendees will also be able to watch various educational seminars which will assist property buyers and investors understanding the market, the legal obligations of property ownership, and to help them to make educated decisions when purchasing real estate in Cambodia. Education of the market and protecting our customers’ long term interests is always a prime concern.” will bring a yealy real estate to Cambodia. Keep track the updated infomation of the comming Real Estate Show in 2018! Do you know over $20 million of property sold at the Cambodia Real Estate Show?   Want to invest in Real Estate  for rent in Phnom Penh with


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