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Updated on: June 7, 2022, 6:58 a.m.
Published on: October 1, 2017, 3:39 p.m.
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Search 25,000 properties for sale and rent. Do it all for free with Cambodia’s best real estate app!

Whether you’re looking for a property or selling one, or you‘re a property developer or an agent, you can use our industry-leading real estate platform easily and effectively on your mobile phone!

Our mobile app was recently updated with 2 important features to make your property hunting/selling a lot easier!

  1. Direct Chat - this new feature lets users correspond directly with the agent or owner of your selected property and vice-versa - much like WeChat, Messenger or WhatsApp.
  2. Home Finder - property hunters can simply tell our mobile app what their requirements (property type, area, number of bedrooms, etc.) are and our app will notify agents who have properties matching their requirements - prompting them to message buyers directly.

Here are the latest key features of the Realestate.com.kh Mobile App:

For Property Buyers/Renters:

  • The best property search engine in Cambodia

    • Looking for a 2-bedroom apartment in the heart of Phnom Penh? Or do you prefer a simpler Khmer-style house? Our search engine lets you filter search results easily with prices, bedrooms, baths, area, and even completion dates for the latest developments!
  • Chat directly with the agent or owner of the property you like

    • Our live-chat feature lets you correspond directly with the agent of your selected property. It works a lot like WeChat, Messenger or WhatsApp - simple and convenient!
  • Talk to any agent with real-time translation

    • Worried the agent might not speak your language? Our live-chat feature can translate your messages for you. Translations into Khmer, English, and Chinese are supported in our app; feel free to message the agent of whatever property you want!
  • SMS, Email, or Call your agent in one-click

    • Our app features the complete contact details of the best agents working with us. So, if you really want that house, condo or plot of land, you can reach out to them in more ways than one!
  • View nearby schools, hospitals, and malls

    • We believe a property’s added value lies in its most accessible comforts! Our app can help you better decide which property to get by letting you see what schools, hospitals, restaurants, and malls are nearby!
  • Bookmark your prospects with ease

    • Buying/renting a property takes a lot of decision-making. That’s why our app lets you bookmark properties you like so you can review them whenever you please!
  • Tell Agents and Property Sellers what you’re looking for

    • Our Home Finder feature provides a smart way to let agents and property sellers what you’re looking for! You simply tell us your requirements (property type, area, number of bedrooms, etc.) via the Home Finder tool and our app instantly notifies agents and property developers, who can then quickly respond to your needs. No more long waits to find your new home!

For Agents/Property Developers:

  • Create your property listings for FREE

    • Sell, rent, and manage your properties for free on our app. Tens of thousands of users access Realestate.com.kh every day. Maximize your reach by listing your property with us - absolutely free!
  • Chat directly with buyers and clients

    • Our live-chat feature lets you correspond directly with prospective buyers. It works a lot like WeChat, Messenger or WhatsApp - simple and convenient to use so you can close that deal faster!
  • Reach a larger audience with real-time translation

    • Our live-chat includes a real-time translation feature, which translates any language into Chinese, English, or Khmer. No more language barriers. Now you can talk to any buyer, whatever language they speak!
  • Never miss out on a sale

    • The Realestate.com.kh app instantly alerts you when you receive an inquiry or a chat request for any of your listings. It also alerts you of opportunities in real-time so you never miss out on a sale. Just make sure you’re logged in on the app and your notifications are on!
  • Stay on top of the search results

    • Don’t let potential buyers/clients miss out on your offerings. Through our app’s Refresh feature, you can get on top of the search results page, giving your listings maximum visibility!
  • Beat the competition for the next big sale

    • No longer will you have to wait for buyers! The app notifies you whenever a buyer posts their requirements through the Home Finder feature. If the requirements match anything on your portfolio of properties, you can easily grab the opportunity. But you have to be quick, as only the first 3 agents to take the opportunity can contact the buyer!

Stay up-to-date on the real estate industry in Cambodia and get real-time updates on real estate news as they happen. Download the Realestate.com.kh App now on both iOS and Android.

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