Big World, Small Room: Transforming small spaces to feel bigger
Updated on: June 7, 2022, 4:05 a.m.
Published on: September 28, 2016, 10:20 a.m.
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Big World, Small Room: Transforming small spaces to feel bigger


Big cities with lots of small spaces are an old tale that’s been told many times before. It may be because of a housing budget issue or maybe because of a lack of proper planning and innovation. And while some choose to focus on what isn’t there, others have chosen to make use of what they have as they try and expand their property – or at least give an illusion of it.

So, what should you do if you find yourself cramped and uncomfortable in your own home?

Here are some handy tips to make that small condo unit, apartment of shophouse feel more spacious and open, without knocking out any walls! This can improve your lifestyle as a resident in that condo, but it is also a useful trick to use when it comes time to sell or rent that space.


Play with Colors:

For years, psychologists have deduced that colors play a significant role in affecting our emotions and our behavior. But you can push that a bit further and use that concept to trick your brain.

Using light colors on your walls can create the illusion that a room is actually bigger than it is. The reason for that is because we associate dark colors with enclosed spaces like prisons, coffins, and closets. Brighter colors remind us of the sky, the beach, and the open sea. It’s all about using colors and the concept of association.


Create Dimensions:

While you can go for a more monochromatic feel, using only light colors doesn’t mean you can’t use different shades on the wall to create more depth. It’s all about balance. Alternately, you can also achieve the same effect by actually eliminating the depth between the wall and your furniture. You can do this by using objects of the same color as your wall or use a slightly different shade to create some variation. You can also make use of light and bright color palette to keep your house looking fresh and alive.


Spacing Your Space:

There is a natural tendency for people to push the furniture as far back to the wall as they can in order to create a big centralized space inside a room. But this hurts your cause more than it helps.

Providing small spaces in between furniture not only literally gives you more space, it also gives you the appearance of a bigger room. You can even angle it out so that lines on the room begin to bend and break. This takes the focus away from the corners and effectively widens the visual perspective.


Open Up:

Just because you’re trying to make your space look bigger doesn’t mean you can’t utilize the space outside the room for continuity. Infinity pools are great examples of this concept.

If you have windows, it’s best to not put up curtains. This not only keeps the room’s aesthetic light, it also helps incorporate the view into the space. If you’re at an area at the center of the house though, you can opt to have small windows installed that go through to other rooms. For example, you can install a window between the dining room and the kitchen. This then opens up both spaces and makes both look wider than it is. bigw5

Make it Magical:

Magicians are full of tricks. They use a lot of distractions, slight of hand, and illusions in order to show the audience what’s there and even what isn’t. We can take a cue from that and use tools like mirrors to magically make enclosed areas look bigger by visually duplicating the space. This simple and subtle tip has been effectively used by interior designers for years now.

Small spaces don’t have to make you feel like you live in a small space. The only limit to how big small spaces can feel is a little bit of work and a little bit of creativity! Try some of these tips in your home today!

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