Experience community smart living at the Peninsula Private Residences
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:00 p.m.
Published on: July 28, 2021, 7:53 a.m.

Experience community smart living at the Peninsula Private Residences

Generally, a community can be defined as a group of individuals with various attributes who are connected by social ties, share similar sentiments, and engage in joint action in geographical places or environments. However, according to British social anthropologist Anthony Paul Cohen, in his book titled The Symbolic Construction of Community, he further gives a deeper meaning of the term community in the following excerpt,

Community is that entity to which one belongs, greater than kinship but more immediately than the abstraction we call ‘society’. It is the arena in which people acquire their most fundamental and most substantial experience of social life outside the confines of the home.

As we are about to enter into the last stage of the Peninsula’s construction progress, this brings us to the upcoming and notably awaited handover process. With that being said, we have been preparing intensively to provide our clients with a beautiful building and smart community to live in. Thereinafter, we are ensuring that the property will be well managed based on our beliefs, vision, and partnership with a reputable property management company.

We believe that a supreme quality property asset is not just defined by its design and concept, but rather, it is defined by how we run and operate the said property after its completion. Hence, rather than making it a ‘property’ management, we choose to focus on the ‘community’ management aspect that offers people-centric services, with the ultimate goal of crafting a quality lifestyle ambiance. Additionally, rather than managing the building as a static thing, we want to focus on engaging the residents’ community, bringing positive interaction, and solve the residents’ requests.

We especially envision the life in Peninsula to be in line with our community smart living concept. Conventional services such as reception, cleaning, maintenance, and security will be properly managed and made hassle-free for the residents. In addition, there will be plenty of engagement and positive interaction between the management and the residents. The management will proactively prepare and serve the residents and their various needs.

Moreover, there will be community activities and classes that cater to both singles and families, such as yoga on a Saturday morning, or a language tuition class on a Sunday afternoon, allowing community members with similar needs and interests to mingle with as well. Therefore, we believe that with all of these elements, such as having a community-based management, an abundance of engagement and positive interaction between the management and the residents, and also a specialized mobile app that will make the community smart living seamless, you will be able to live a ‘smart’ as well as an enriching life.

Hence, we foresee a future at the Peninsula, where working professionals comprising of multinationals such as yourself with the same exquisite standards of lifestyle to be co-existing together in a smart community, which is ultimately cultivated by you and your community members. Learn more by visiting our Facebook page, The Peninsula Private Residences today.