Complete and Concrete: Choose the Land and Houses (Cambodia) (LHC) Group for your next real estate venture!
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:04 p.m.
Published on: September 7, 2016, 9:20 a.m.
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Complete and Concrete: Choose the Land and Houses (Cambodia) (LHC) Group for your next real estate venture!

Horizontal-Ribbon-Advertorial Land and House CambodiaAlthough relatively new to the market, the Phnom Penh-based Land and Houses (Cambodia)(LHC) Group has already established themselves as a standout player in the the Cambodian real estate sector.

LHC asserts its presence through five individual companies, each carrying a distinct expertise under their individual brands - yet overseen by the overall group director. The mother company is Land and Houses (Cambodia) Investment Co. Ltd., first established and officially registered with the Ministry of Commerce by Madame Se Lily, an experienced Phnom Penh real estate entrepreneur, in August of 2015. This company specialises in property investment broadly. The other four companies are the Land and Houses (Cambodia) Construction Co., Ltd., Golden Han Fei, Phnom Penh Land Development, and the LHC Architecture.

Uniquely, through this network of companies, LHC is able to offer comprehensive services to clients without needing to outsource outside the group.

Diversification; the Key to LHC’s Market Offering:

With the list of different entities under the LHC umbrella collaborating and consulting with each other, the LHC group is able to offer a range of specialty services that can ensure the group can take property investors, developers and real estate sellers from the start to the finish of their projects, whatever those projects may be.

These services include local and international property investment, property development, property consultation and feasibility studies, property and asset appraisals, property management, construction and architectural design. These services are readily available for international, local, and corporate clients. Contact LHC today and find out more!

Quality and Excellence; LHC’s merger of International Talent with Local Understanding:

Land and Houses (Cambodia) Group also maintains standards of trust and reliability through the use of high-gradeTyler LHC MD materials, high-caliber manpower, and a culture of transparency. This has been achieved by forging joint venture partnerships with vendors from around the region, creating new companies that can draw from international experience, coupled with a firm experience in the local Cambodian market.

Managing Director of the Group, Tyler Stuart, is a UK-born real estate and marketing professional with years of experience in the international & local market. Tyler Stuart has a clear focus for the direction of the Group’s companies as a whole, and maintains all staff are aptly specialised, and are driven to reach their personal and company goals.

Armed with locally and internationally trained skilled professionals, LHC has already worked on several projects. Their group of researchers, advisers, marketers, analysts, consultants, property agents, and surveyors have collectively used their abilities and knowledge to market, sell and consult developments such as the Borey Varina, Chroy Chongva Residence, Borey Mohasensok, and their most high-profile mixed-development project yet, The Skyline, a 39-storey, 3 tower mixed-use development in central Phnom Penh, covering a total land area of 4,836 square meters. The Skyline boasts a 6-storey car park, and a 3 storey commercial shopping plaza on the ground floors. The project reaches completion in December 2018. LHC is exclusive sales vendor and manager of the Skyline project.

Commitment to Follow-through: LHC New Office2What sets Land and Houses (Cambodia) Investment further apart from other real estate firms and groups in Cambodia is their unique ability to provide a start-to-finish service, allowing clients to relax and know their property assets are secure. Six reasons why LHC’s service offerings are a cut above the rest include a solid marketing philosophy, a sellable website presentation, a positive and enthusiastic team, immediate buyer leads management, negotiation expertise, and administrative support. They are with you from the start, from purchasing the property and producing feasibility plans, right through to the property management, maintenance and leasing, committed to a long-term partnership with its clients. So, if you’re looking for a one-stop service provider for your real estate needs, whether you are a private seller, current property owner and operator, or a developer looking to launch a Cambodian based project, consider the Land & Houses (Cambodia) Group to assist you through each step of the process.

Contact LHC today and find out more!