The Fastest Building in History...*

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:30 p.m.

*that we have seen. Chinese developers are breaking records in the speed of construction for new developments. skyscraper

In recent news, a developer in China launched its 57-storey, 838 meter skyscraper in Changsha City, alongside the Xianjiang River.

The skyscraper was built, from foundation to completion, in less than three weeks using prefabricated modular technology developed by a company called Broad Sustainable Building. One of the fastest buildings yet.

The fastest residential and commercial building, named ‘Sky City’, was originally planed to be completed at a rate of five storeys per day, with exteriors and interiors, finished within 90 days. The modified version of the actual Sky City comprises 800 high- and low-income apartments, and office space for an estimated 4,000 occupants. The Sky City tower covers a total area of180,000 sqm, and will also have places for a variety of shops, restaurants, and possibly hospitality, educational and commercial spaces. These are not being filled quite so fast. Here is the video of the super-speedy construction. [embed][/embed]

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