Wealth Mansion: An icon of luxury in Chroy Changvar
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:01 p.m.
Published on: September 10, 2020, 7:00 a.m.

Wealth Mansion: An icon of luxury in Chroy Changvar

Phnom Penh’s amazing rate of expansion attracted many luxury developers from all over the world. The race for space resulted in break-neck speeds of outward expansion - a phenomenon that discovered many of  Phnom Penh’s promising areas of development.

Chroy Changvar is one such area that has gained a new lease on life - a luxury life. Its once forgotten status has now been changed to that of a promising residential and commercial destination that’s continuously attracting all the right attention to it.

Wealth Mansion, a luxury residential project in Chroy Changvar, is leading the pack of new developments popping up in the area. It stands out from the competition as its designers allotted a great deal of attention to every residential aspect. The project’s designer, Rixing Designs, utilizes well-preserved internal ecology to provide a pleasant ambiance perfectly complementing the unique elements of Chroy Changvar within Wealth Mansion.

Wealth Mansion further achieves this by making good use of natural ventilation and lighting with layouts consisting of a verdant facade, water features, central gardens on each floor, and open corridors. The Wealth Mansion is a comfortable dwelling on minimum energy consumption, thanks to the application of new interior design philosophies based on ecological preservation.

The Wealth Mansion's smart floor plan enables every resident to have unique life experience for its practical layout, aesthetic design, and smart functions. And these can be seen throughout their portfolio of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Their 1-bedroom apartments measure up to 66.55 sqm and are offered in multiple floorplans, making it ideal for young professionals, couples, and even small families to start a life in Phnom Penh. Units also include a balcony allowing residents to enjoy the natural breeze Chroy Changvar is famous for.

The design of the 2-bedroom apartment focuses on providing a more appropriate family living atmosphere here with spacious living up to 128.13 sqm. These apartments have bedrooms, kitchens, and balconies. Mostly, a master bedroom comes with an en-suite bathroom. These units were made for families looking to live in Phnom Penh’s up-and-coming district.

Of course, the luxury offered by the Wealth Mansion does not stop with its residential units. Amenities play a big role in completing a sense of true luxury living. The Wealth Mansion offers plentiful experiences covering a comprehensive range of many luxuries and opulence. First, a comfortable lounge room is located in the lobby for residents to take a relaxing afternoon in. A 400sqm swimming pool is also available along with a 1,000sqm swimming pool. Pool activities are complemented by a stylish spa centre, restaurant/cafe, and a conference room/multi-function hall, and many more conveniences right within the Wealth Mansion.

The Wealth Mansion started its construction in June 2019 and is set to finish sometime in 2022. Off-plan purchases are often where the best deals are made, and Wealth Mansion is giving all potential buyers and investors the opportunity to avail of these today!