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Sen Sok Location Profile


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Sen Sok district was established in 2009 in the capital of Phnom Penh. The incorporated land was formerly a part of Kandal province but was absorbed into the capital’s expansion. Sen Sok was also created through the merger of three Sangkats; Khmuonh, Phnom Penh Thmei and Tuek Thla which used to be part of Khan Russey Keo.

The area is home to roughly 10% of Phnom Penh’s residents. Sen Sok is a district in the northwest of Phnom Penh’s city centre that is growing and modernising quickly and is a hotbed for development.

Just like neighbouring district Toul Kork, many residents are relocating to Sen Sok to find more affordable land and property. Until recently, the area was mostly residential and industrial. In recent years, however, there have been some high profile commercial projects that seem to be kicking activity into high gear. These include the addition of the AEON Mall Sen Sok, as well as warehouse-size outlets like Global House and Makro Cambodia and huge mixed development projects and boreys.

Key Information

Sen Sok district was established in 2009 and thus has a very ‘new’ history. As a combination of several sangkats, the most notable part of this part of the city has been its rapid development over a decade and the modern addition of huge malls, boreys, schools and infrastructure in a relatively short amount of time.

As Sen Sok was earmarked as an upcoming area and an extension of the capital, many Cambodian state-owned buildings have moved to the area. The Cambodian Department of Planning, Department of Health, Department of Industry and Social Affairs, and the National Bank have all moved offices to Sen Sok.

With the mass urbanisation of Phnom Penh, Sen Sok has rapidly expanded in size, and like neighbouring Toul Kork, it will become an extension of Phnom Penh's CBD. With better-connected roads and its appeal from a commercial and residential point of view, the number of residents will rise too.

Sen Sok is booming with real estate projects such as modern residential apartments, boreys, local markets and international supermarkets.

Examples of new large developments are Sen Sok Town which offers a total of 1000 units, and Urban Village - an all-inclusive apartment complex and retail hub with restaurants, bars, co-working offices, and art studios. Park Land Sen Sok covers an area of 200,000 square metres and provides 1,090 units in Sen Sok.

Sen Sok is also believed to home to the most number of borey projects in Phnom Penh.

The population recorded in the Sen Sok area was approximately 120,579 at the time of the 2008 Cambodian census. The area is one of the more populated districts in Phnom Penh but the residents are spread over a large area. However as it is a newly merged Khan, incorporating several sangkats since it was formed, there is no exact data.

The 2019 general population census is due to be publicized in the second quarter of 2020 or thereafter. 

Cambodia's population reportedly increased to 15.28 million by March 2019, up 14.1 percent from 13.39 million in the 2008 census, according to provisional results of the 2019 general population census.

(A report in the Phnom Penh Post in 2017, estimated the population of Sen Sok to be 160,000.)

The official language in Phnom Penh is Khmer, but English and French are widely used in the city. In Sen Sok, there is also a good-sized population of Chinese, Korean and Japanese expats.

Things To Do in Sen Sok

A number of infrastructure projects in Sen Sok have included new markets and shopping centres. 

International retailer, Makro, opened its first Cambodian store in the district in 2017, offering discounted wholesale goods and increased trade and boosted the local economy. 

AEON Mall Sen Sok City was the second-largest mall to be opened by the AEON MALL group in 2018 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Also known as AEON 2, there are over 100 shops, movie theatres, dozens of F&B outlets, and food courts and covers 85,000 sqm.

Rattana Plaza also provides a range of retail outlets, groceries, and F&B options.

Global House Cambodia is a huge warehouse-style, situated close to AEON 2 and Makro, and also provides a wide selection of home goods, DIY tools, electronics and much more.

It was announced a new mall is due to open in Sen Sok called B2B Park. The mall will consist of six-storeys occupying 20,000 square metres.

The massive commercial hubs in Sen Sok are the major landmarks, indicative of the modern status of the Khan. Most notable is the AEON 2 mall.

Further to the north, the Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club is a highly regarded golf course, designed by a company owned by the famous golfer, Jack Nicklaus. The entire Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club sits on 7,115 metres of fairways and greens. There is also a  two-storey golf driving range and academy. 

The Cambodian Country Club is located along the lengthy Street 2004 and aside from offering a range of sporting and lifestyle activities, it is a great venue for events and for dining.

There are many local Cambodian food stalls and restaurants in Sen Sok. Chinese, Korean and Japanese restaurants have also sprung up in the area.

AEON 2 is probably the biggest dining attraction though, with a range of F&B outlets. These include franchises and chain outlets such as Tous Les Jour, The Pizza Company, Swensen’s, Starbucks, Pepper Lunch and many more. The selection at AEON caters for local, regional and international pallets and shoppers are spoiled for choice.

There are also the usual array of cafes in Sen Sok, with local coffee carts, Cambodian and international outlets such as Amazon, Starbucks, Brown Cafe etc.

There is less nightlife in Sen Sok than more established parts of the city. This is especially true for expats who choose to live in the area. There are local bars, KTVs and beer gardens but there is not a notable bar and club scene for foreign western residents.

This will surely change as the area continues to develop in the future and cater for its growing number of diverse residents.

Increased traffic between the capital’s satellite areas such as Sen Sok and the city centre has turned people to businesses near their homes and workplaces. Sen Sok, as a new commercial and residential hub, has many newly built roads and generally good access.

As is the case with the city, there is a wide variety of public transport options available. These include Cambodian tuk-tuks, motodops (motorbike taxis) and regular car taxis. Late at night time, it is not as easy to use these services in Sen Sok, even if customers use the ride-hailing apps which have become more common.

It is easy to reach Sen Sok from the Phnom Penh International Airport. These are numerous options which include by car or tuk-tuk.  The apps are still the best to get around the city and can be linked to your bank card or you can pay by cash. Remember to carry small denominations of Riel and US Dollars.

There is a great selection of international schools, who have made use of more affordable, and set up large campuses on what was the outskirts of the capital. Land prices have increased as the district has attracted investment, development and a growing population and demands.

There are also a number of Christian churches in Sen Sok, in addition to the Cambodian Buddhist pagodas.

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