4 Bed, 5 Bath Twin Villa for Rent in Khmuonh

Khmuonh, Sen Sok, Phnom Penh

Rent per month$900

Twin Villa For Rent at AEON MALL II

Twin Villa For Rent!

Price : 900$/month

Property of features : 4bedrooms, 5bathrooms, a

living room and a kitchen.

Story : 2nd floor and a roof floor.

Location: Street Mong Rithy(1928), Sangkat Russey

Keo, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.

Contract: 1 year

Deposit : 3 months

Please contact :

092 456 836/ (Khmer-English)

060 676 766 (English-Chinese)

Description: The location is good for living and

office because it's near the main road and AEON

MALL II also. It's about 80m from St.Mong Rithy.

Please hurry contact us for deposit!