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Published on: February 15, 2019, 12:13 p.m.
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The Ultimate Guide to Retiring in Cambodia

If you're considering an affordable retirement destination in Southeast Asia, Cambodia might just be the perfect fit. Cambodia offers a unique retirement experience with its rich history, stunning temples, welcoming locals, and low cost of living. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover all the essential information you need to know about retiring in Cambodia, including the retirement visa process, the best locations to retire, accommodation options, transportation, medical expenses, and the cost of living.


Retirement Visa 

Retirement Visa Cambodia offers a retirement visa that allows foreign retirees aged 55 and above to live in the country. The visa can be obtained through the Cambodian Embassy or Consulate in your home country or through an agent in Cambodia. The retirement visa is typically valid for one year and can be renewed annually. It can also be renewed/extended for one, three, six, and twelve months. The ER visa extension costs approximately $285 per year at the time of writing. 

The requirements may include:

  • Age 55 years old or above
  • A passport with at least six months of validity
  • Blank page in the passport
  • Passport photo
  • Proof of retirement or pension income
  • Health certificate
  • Criminal background check.

Note: It's always a good idea to double-check the current requirements with the Cambodian Embassy or Consulate as they may be subject to change.


Best Location to Retire

Cambodia offers a variety of options for retirees to consider when choosing a location to retire. Some popular choices include Phnom Penh, the capital city, which offers modern amenities and a vibrant expat community.

Other options include Siem Reap, known for its rich history and proximity to the famous Angkor Wat temples, or towns like Kampot, Kep, and Battambang, which offer a relaxed lifestyle and beautiful rivers and beaches.



Accommodation Cambodia offers a wide range of accommodation options for retirees, ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury apartments and villas.

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap offer a variety of expat-friendly neighbourhoods with modern apartments and condos, while Sihanoukville and Kampot offer more laid-back beachfront accommodation options, including guesthouses and bungalows.

Renting is a common choice for retirees in Cambodia, with affordable monthly rents compared to many other Western countries.

Depending on the location and type of accommodation, the monthly rent for a basic one-bedroom apartment can range from $200 to $600, while a larger villa in a prime location may cost around $1,000 to $2,000 per month

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Transportation in Cambodia is relatively affordable, with options including tuk-tuks, motorbikes, trains, and buses.

Tuk-tuks are a popular mode of transportation for short distances within cities, while motorbikes are commonly used for longer trips or exploring the countryside.

Buses are available for intercity travel, with both local and long-distance routes. However, it's important to note that road safety and infrastructure in Cambodia may not be up to Western standards, and caution is advised when using transportation options.


Medical Expenses

Cambodia has a growing healthcare system, with a range of medical facilities available in major cities. While the quality of healthcare may not be as high as in some other countries, medical expenses in Cambodia are generally affordable compared to Western countries.

Many retirees choose to purchase health insurance that covers them for medical treatment both in Cambodia and abroad. It's important to research and understand the healthcare options available and consider including medical expenses in your retirement budget.


Cost of Living

Cambodia is known for its affordable cost of living, making it an attractive option for retirees on a budget. Expenses such as housing, utilities, transportation, food, and entertainment are generally lower compared to many Western countries. Monthly living costs can vary depending on your lifestyle and location, with Phnom Penh being relatively more expensive than other cities.

Below is an approximate average of the costs of living in Phnom Penh.



Average Costs Monthly ($)

Water $5 onwards
Electricity $20 onwards
Gas $15-$17 (depending on market price)
Food  $150-$300
Transportation  $50-$150


Furthermore, retirees can savour budget-friendly meals at local markets or eateries, immersing themselves in the local culture and maximizing their retirement income.

Cambodia warmly welcomes retirees seeking an exciting new chapter in their lives. So why not take the leap and start planning your retirement abroad? Don't hesitate to explore the opportunities that Cambodia has to offer and make the most of your golden years in this vibrant environment.


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