Ultimate guide to Russian Market

Jan. 21, 2019, 11:28 a.m.

Toul Tum Poung 1, or Russian Market, is one of the most rapidly changing Phnom Penh neighbourhoods. Because of this, it’s an exciting place for expat’s craving diversity. Realestate.com.kh is dedicating to following the Kingdom market. So, we are glad to bring you an updated expat guide to Russian Market.

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Maybe you’re looking for a Western-style furnished studio or a three-bedroom apartment to share with roommates. Whatever it is, Russian Market likely has something for you. 

Not only sellers live in shophouses

Two- and three-bedroom flats inside traditional shophouses are one of the most common kinds of spaces for foreigners in Cambodia. Floorplans are very similar. Because of this, be sure to take pictures when you go on visits so you can compare each place. 

Many are split into two levels with kitchen and living areas below and bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms above. Most come at least partially furnished, making the transition to a new apartment hassle-free. 

Rooms can be found for around $200-$300 per month depending on specifics of the space. You can use our website to search for shophouses for rent

A house with a facelift

Some landlords are specifically targeting expat renters. This means they’ll trick out the space. Often these will have new furniture, beds and kitchen appliances. Instead of a shophouse’s tile floors and walls, many will have wood, brick, and new paint.

Some landlords even choose to subdivide the house and will offer one bedroom units next to larger ones. The price here can vary a lot. They will usually be more expensive than typical shophouses. You can still find a great place for less than $500 a month. 

It can be tempting to snatch up the first place that fits your needs. The writers of this expat guide to Russian Market recommend shopping around, however. It’s definitely a renter’s market.

A room of one’s own

New tower blocks seem to be popping up daily throughout Phnom Penh. Hence, it’s no surprise that there are more apartment buildings now than ever before. Complexes will usually have common parking areas, and units will resemble typical apartments in the West. 

Couches, tables, cabinets, and chairs will be standard and bathrooms will have modern showers. Sometimes, it can be easier to have an agent help you find a suitable condo. We have a whole list of the best agents in Cambodia.

Avigal Orha, a Phnom Penh expat from Israel who has lived in the Kingdom on and off for over four years, said she always comes back to Russian Market because of the market, the food, and the community. 

She resides with a roommate in a Western-style apartment near Russian Market.

“People are always friendly and helpful and there is a nice community feeling to the [Toul Tum Poung] area,” she said.

If you want to search on your own, however, we have listings for you to find a condo for rent in Toul Tum Poung.

Living on the go

Full-service apartments look similar to the condominium units described above. On the other hand, buildings will have more luxury features. 

Pool, fitness centre, 24-hour security, internet connection, and housekeeping services are part of the package in this category. Because of this, many expats who maintain an active lifestyle often opt for these types of spaces.

Luxury buildings can still be found on a budget. If this type of housing suits you check out our page on apartments for rent in Toul Tum Poung.

Villa lifestyle

These freestanding houses are often used for businesses, but occasionally one will pop up on the renter’s market. To that end, they can be expensive. Nevertheless, if you have a large group and want more seclusion than a typical shophouse, this can be a viable option. 

Villas can be found both furnished and unfurnished and most have spacious balconies and small gardens. Prices vary based on size and location. Lastly, most villas for rent in Toul Tum Poung are between $1,000 and $2,000 per month.

Variety is the spice of life

The market this area is named for is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of convenience. Often described as Phnom Penh’s most up-and-coming region, Russian Market is chalk full of restaurants, bars, shops, and recreation spots.

Any expat guide to Russian Market would be incomplete without mention the vibrant neighbourhood culture.

Travel the world without leaving the block

The Russian Market neighbourhood is the place to go if you want to travel the world through food. Indeed, everything from Armenian to Japanese food is served at restaurants here. For local fare check out 72 Restaurant on street 123 or, for a mix of everything, stop into Eleven One on the corner of street 460 and 123.

Nathan Headlam, the co-owner and managing director of the neighbourhood’s Long After Dark pub, said they chose Toul Tum Poung in 2015 for the distinct community feel. When asked to contribute his thoughts on the area for an expat guide to Russian Market, Headlam said:

“I think it’s the community and accessibility that makes [Toul Tum Poung] stand out. It’s so easy to get around and there are so many fantastic places to explore,” he said, speculating that the areas breakneck growth was first driven by expats, but has since led to the development of local enterprises.

“The number of new apartments has skyrocketed along with the number of retail shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, and supermarkets,” Headlam added.

Undoubtedly, Tuol Tum Poung definitely doesn’t have the same vibe as BKK1 to the northeast. Given the lower rent prices, it is often easier for new entrepreneurs to start businesses here. For that reason, new venues are always popping up.

Daily dose of java

Without coffee, the world would be a dire place. Certainly, this expat guide to Russian Market wouldn’t exist without it.

Coffeeshops are everywhere in Phnom Penh. Russian Market is no exception. Of course, the big names like Joma, Brown, and Amazon all have branches in the neighbourhood. Many recommend the java at Lot 369 or smaller shops like Cyclo Cafe or Deja. 

Do you like a well-stocked pantry? Toul Tum Poung has lots of options for groceries. Specifically, there is a spate of 24-hour convenience stores popping up.

Le Marche sells food and home decor and Angkor Market has a wide selection of snacks and alcoholic beverages. We can’t forget the new Lucky 24 on street 155.

Recreation in the nation

The activity of Russian Market isn’t all about eating and drinking. To be sure, activities are everywhere. Crossfit Amatak and Kettlebell Cafe host a great community of fitness fanatics. There’s also the Phnom Climb rock climbing centre on street 460. 

Sonivid Sports Club hosts dodgeball two nights a week. This program is quite popular with expats. If you’re just looking for an affordable place to do quick workouts, Core Explore or Fit Zone will do the trick.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Russian Market seems poised to take the title of “expat quarter” from nearby BKK1. Rents are generally cheaper here, so both businesses and renters are streaming in. Furthermore, many claim Toul Tum Poung still has that rustic Cambodian charm.

Granted, the Kingdom and been growing and progressing at breakneck speed. It seems that even Russian Market is changing day by day. No one knows what Cambodia, let alone this corner of the capital, will look like in a few years.

Finally, we hope this expat guide to Russian Market serves to inform anyone choosing to relocate. 


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