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Best Cambodian Family Parks & Activities In 2024
Updated on: January 31, 2024, 2:06 a.m.
Published on: January 13, 2024, 4:42 a.m.

Best Cambodian Family Parks & Activities In 2024

With the new year upon us and the schools having re-opened across Cambodia, there is generally also an influx of new residents to the Kingdom, some of whom will undoubtedly have made the move for the first time with their families.

Although Phnom Penh, for example, can’t ever claim to be the greenest city in the world, there are some green spaces and parks as well as other family-friendly attractions and great activities to be enjoyed, with other Cambodian cities and urban areas also taking these into consideration. 

Beyond the usual commercial and retail property developments, markets and tourist attractions help contribute to the economy and encourage small and medium-sized businesses, while foot traffic and motorised traffic at these attractions and activities also play their part in urban planning and on residential and business property prices. 

What Cambodian Parks Can You Enjoy In 2024

The capital of Cambodia and other towns and cities have been diversifying the use of available land by adding new family-friendly attractions to their urban environment, and hopefully, more green spaces, as these have been proven to be important for many reasons

Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An Kirivong Cultural Park - Takeo

Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An Kirivong Cultural Park - Takeo

The cultural park is due to be completed in Q1 2024 and is being developed by SOMA Construction & Development Co., Ltd. in Boeung Tonleab, Preah Bat Choan Chum commune, Kirivong district, in Takeo province. 

Intended to be 500 meters long and 100 meters wide, the Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An Kirivong Cultural Park is located along National Road 2 and has been funded by the family of Samdech Sok An in tribute to the deceased former Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister who grew up in the area.

Based on the initial photos released by SOMA towards the end of 2023, it is looking very family-friendly and picturesque.

Included at the park will be a statue of Samdech Sok An, a library, sports court, gyms, café, a lounge, as well as a kid's playground. In addition, the water features mean there is a boating area planned as well as other public events areas.

The Cambodian park is intended for locals and guests to enjoy a leisurely walk and to exercise, while the public library will be available to help empower education and “to serve other public interests in the future”, said the province's governor. 

Takeo is also one of the stops on the southbound passenger train from Phnom Penh so it's an easy day trip from the capital.

Coconut Park - Phnom Penh

One of the most popular parks in the Cambodian capital, Coconut Park is a free public park located on Koh Pich and has some greenspaces as well as restaurants, bars, a roller skating rink (CIS Roller Dome), bike trails, a Splash Pad, and the area also has been host to markets and other events.

The Makerspace Ceramik Art Studio also has a range of interactive activities for kids and adults with the creative space providing a Lego studio.

Aquation Phnom Penh / Treellion Park

Aquation Phnom Penh / Treellion Park

Not far from Coconut Park, Treellion Park is home to the city’s only put-put course (Birdies Mini Golf), and the DIB club swimming pool is popular for all ages. The surreal statues and garden decorations make Treellion Park an interesting place to wander around and there are increasing choices of eateries such The Bus and the Glasshouse.  

The area has also been used for concerts and music and themed events. There was even karting introduced in 2023 (Kart Station) but this appears to have been suspended.

Sunshine Family Park - Phnom Penh

Sunshine Family Park - Phnom Penh

The Sunshine Family Park is located in Phnom Penh on Ayasmayan West Street (113) which was completed towards the end of 2023 and is self-billed as a “power-free amusement park” thus, the first of its kind in Cambodia.

Presented as a theme park with staff in costumes, there are plenty of Instagram moments, with inflatables set up for youths to play on, but there are also slides, jungle gyms and other attractions intended for kids. The venue has already been holding live music concerts so it may not suit everyone’s tastes, and there is a night market selling food and drinks. 

Garden City Waterpark - Phnom Penh

Although not a green park, this water park is a welcome relief to the endless hot months in Cambodia, and the Phnom Penh water park is probably the biggest in the country offering more than 38 slides as well as a 550-metre-long Lazy River. The Kids Paradise water playground is PG13-safe but older kids can still get their thrills on slides such as the Kamikaze water slide.

Kampot River Park

Although it can get busy, especially over the weekends, the Kampot River Park offers water slides, a water park, zip lines, as well as activities such as kayaking, paddle boards and pedal boats to be used on the river. There are also bungalows and a restaurant serving local food as well as drinks.

Located at the Toek Chhou Rapids approximately 10 kilometres from Kampot in Bat Kbal Damrei village, Makprang commune, the park is meant to be open from 10am to 5pm.

Suggested Cambodian Family Activities 2024

Angkor Eye - Siem Reap 

Angkor Eye - Siem Reap

Siem Reap has ample green space and plenty to do for locals, tourists, and expats. One of the attractions worth families checking out away from the temples is the Angkor Eye, which is a 60-metre-high Ferris wheel (the tallest in the Kingdom) offering stunning views of the countryside and a different perspective of the famous Angkor Wat complex. 

It's worth booking a trip at sunset for the Golden Hour at and stunning views and family portraits. You can also book an afternoon tea or cocktail experience in one of the capsules.Kids of all ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult, and as a bonus, children under 3 ride for free if accompanied.

KHMER Streat - Food Festival & Night Market 

There have been an increasing number of markets to pour over the weekends in Cambodia’s capital - with farmers markets proving a hit.

This new food and night market is planned to launch in January 2024 and will be located in the Koh Norea area which is undergoing massive development.

KHMER Streat - Food Festival & Night Market is intended to be for families and individuals and will offer Cambodian and international cuisine with entertainment also planned such as live music, cultural performances, and games. The market is scheduled to be open from 4-11 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

N5 Night Market - Phnom Penh

N5 Night Market - Phnom Penh

Opened in November 2023, N5 is the Biggest Night Market in Phnom Penh. There are several such markets in the city, including the Night Market in Borey Peng Huoth Boeung Snor, Prince Plaza Night Market, and 60M Night Market etc. 

On its debut to the north of the city, it was estimated to have received as many as 30,000 visitors enjoying goods from over 300 vendors! 

The park was developed by Prince Real Estate which has a view of ‘building a better life’ and modernising urban Cambodia through high-quality developments. The development costs totalled USD $1 million, and the park covers an area of 18,000 square meters. There are food, drinks, handicrafts, a graffiti wall, as well as live music shows, a kid’s playground, grass lawns and even a gaming zone.

These are just a small selection available but with the anticipated publication of ‘Projects for Phnom Penh: Urban Green Network Regeneration’ by Urban Lab and the American University of Phnom Penh in 2024, more eco-friendly and sustainable markets and urban spaces will be placed in the spotlight as the urbanisation of the Kingdom of Cambodia races into the future.