How to Sell Real Estate to Millennials

June 21, 2017, 3:07 p.m.


For many real estate agents and private sellers, it can be a challenge to get the attention of the growing millennial generation. Yet these younger buyers are sometimes a good target - as they are shopping for their first homes or investment properties. Millennials are also known as “Generation Y”: those born between 1980 and 2000.


So, what can you do to capture their interest? Here is a list of tips you can apply, thanks to

Master the digital platform:

Millennials constitute around 40 percent of Cambodia’s population. And one of the primary tools to reach this younger generation is social media, and the internet generally.


Social media can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to create viral posts to get you exposure or it can also be an effective way for people to recommend what you have to offer to their friends. It is also the perfect place to build your network. Social media sites also provide you the opportunity to engage with the younger home buyers in an environment where they are already at ease. Around 7.4 million people are now internet subscribers In Cambodia, you can just imagine the amount of potential customers you’ll be able to interact with.

By establishing your presence, creating a good reputation, and sharing valuable content, the younger crowd will naturally be drawn into your real estate offerings.

Sell the neighborhood:

After entering their platform of preference, it’s time you speak their language. Millennials think more about the experience than the home itself. So, setting up property listings that focus on lifestyle will definitely help you boost your sales to the younger generation. Highlights can include places and facilities like parks, food hubs, a high-tech home, or access to nearby mini-adventures.

Adjust communication:

With the evolving technology, it was only a matter of time before the preferred means of communication changed too. And you have to be willing to adjust to whatever that is for your client. Some prefer communicating via electronic mail and some prefer texts and phone calls. The latter seems to be more apt as 2016 saw mobile users rise to 19.45 million across six mobile networks.


Be responsive:

With the younger generation having access to a lot of things in just a snap of a finger, instant gratification is one of the things that millennials will be familiar with. And in general, nobody really likes waiting.  And with a lot more activities to do these days, you’re bound to lose their interest if you don’t act on the opportunity to engage them immediately.

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