Bodaiju Co-Broke Networking event

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:15 p.m.

Creed Group is the first and largest Japanese developer in Cambodia, and exploded onto the property development scene with the highly sort after, ever popular Bodaiju Residences in 2015. Creed Group is now offering all agents the exclusive opportunity to sell Bodaiju units to their clients, be sure to join them at their showroom this Saturday... Bodaijucobroke

Success to Date:

A proven track record in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and multiple other markets has been key to the success of Bodaiju Residences sales in Cambodia, already having sold 90 percent of both buildings A and B since launching.

With only a limited time left to take advantage of the ‘early bird’ discounts, Bodaiju will be hosting a range of events for the industry and investors to communicate the benefits of investing in a world leading condominium project.

The Creed Group have drawn on their extensive experience, research and deep understanding of the local and international real estate markets, and identified an opportunity for landed property projects in Cambodia – constructed to Japanese standards, whilst taking into consideration local Cambodian culture and market preferences. Great success with local investors with the Bodaiju Residences project were encouraging signs that the Creed Group construction standards appealed not only to an international market but the local Cambodian market as well.

088-Bodaiju Residences - Phnom Penh-v11

Now, the Creed Group would like to engage referral agencies and co-broke agents to help support the continuing sales of the Bodaiju project. Accordingly, all agents are invited to a CO-BROKE NETWORKING EVENT, on the 20th of this month:

What Is It? Co-broke Networking. What's the Point? Product presentation about Bodaiju to all agents with co-broke sales opportunities. Where is it? Bodaiju Residences showroom, Russian Boulevard (free gift and finger food provided). When? 20th February, 2016. What Time? 3pm to 5pm. footernews