Cambodia: Retirement mecca for expats

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:06 p.m.

retiree's Annual Global Retirement Index has just named Cambodia as 1 of 3 top retirement destinations worldwide. The retirement index seeks to compare and contrast retirement destinations around the world - all of which are exhibiting relatively low costs of living by global standards.

Retiring in weaker economies is becoming a global trend for expats from more expensive, developed economies, as the relative costs of living in cheaper retirement destinations guarantees a better quality of life for pensioners. 

In the past 10 years the Kingdom of Cambodia has become one of Southeast Asia’s most up-and-coming destinations for tourists and expats looking to enjoy the exotic charm of a country that also offers the most attractive cost of living in Asia. Cambodia has flexible visa requirements for citizens of Western countries who can obtain annual long-stay visas with a minimum of paperwork and a processing fee of just $285 per year. When you get there, everything from entertainment to renting is very affordable in Cambodia.

Meanwhile, the Cambodian government looks set to make it even easier to retire in the Kingdom. The government has released plans to increase Cambodia’s attractiveness as a destination for foreign retirees, according to a draft policy obtained from the Ministry of Tourism Wednesday this week by the Cambodia Daily. "The draft includes a range of proposals to extract more income from Cambodia’s tourist industry by encouraging foreigners to buy property and stay longer in the country, with involvement from the ministries of tourism, finance and land management," said the Cambodia Daily report. The proposed policies are said to include measures such as the development of “special residences” throughout Cambodia with commercial tourist properties and a wide range of useful facilities. “Special tourists” such as retirees would have the right to buy, rent or sell property in these special residences, and also be entitled to longer-term and more flexible vi­sas, according to the draft of the policy.

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