Change your industry for the better, with Le Urban Eco Park

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:49 p.m.

leurbanecopark2 Cambodia’s first eco friendly industrial park, part of a larger mixed use development project named Le Urban Eco Park, was conceptualized by Singapore Developer, CIAC Investment Co Ltd. With its first factory fully operational, Le Urban’s Industrial Park has set its sights on expanding their business rapidly, to remain regionally competitive by designing and structuring their facilities to higher worker health and safety standards than Cambodia has ever seen. In addition, their eco concept brings a host of other financial benefits for their factory owners and tenants by being environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and innovative; all in ways that translate into additional cost savings and improved production efficiencies.


Green spaces, parks, staff accommodations, and a commitment to recycling resources and leaving a light carbon footprint have also been incorporated into the master plan to truly make this development a clean and sustainable center of commercial and industrial activity; and one that truly sets the standard for the industry in terms of improving the quality of life for workers and area residents. Le Urban Eco Park is the first of its kind in Cambodia; and their industrial park is leading the way as the only facility awarded the Green Mark Gold Certification by the BCA (The Building and Construction Authority) operating under Singapore’s Ministry of National Development. For more progressive and socially minded factories, having this certification provides greater access and leverage with internationally recognized brands and retailers who value suppliers with a more holistic approach to responsible manufacturing practices. For instance, areas are built to have a wider space where employees have a more comfortable area to work, and improved airflow and ventilation. This is a far cry from what most factories offer in Cambodia currently. These built to order facilities come complete with employee accommodation, canteens and rest areas, and span over a total area covering 18 hectares, with units of up to 100,000 square meters available for lease or purchase. It is estimated to be one of the biggest – if not the biggest – eco park project for the coming years. The developers have incorporated an open and more environmentally-friendly approach by using found elements such as bamboo in its design, replacing air-conditioning with large overhead fans, utilizing more natural light with simple yet pragmatic window placements, and setting aside 30 percent of the development area for gardens and green zones. The result is that owners will spend significantly less money on electricity bills - and can allocate more funds for operations rather than utilities. In addition to its design, C.I.A.C. Investment has also made sure to address the ongoing struggle that industries face in Cambodia with electricity consumption and flooding throughout the eco park. Cambodia has been known to have particularly high electricity costs due to the fact that it imports much of its power from neighboring countries. Le Urban Eco Park will have control over its own electricity supply to meet the demands of the owners at no additional cost. So, there is no need to worry about electricity bills skyrocketing or fluctuating. Le Urban Eco Park also has a sophisticated drainage system that is deep and complex enough to control flooding that may otherwise affect the productivity of workers and the complex at large. Another reason to transfer or expand your business to Le Urban Eco Park is that you can provide low cost but high quality accommodations for your employees and managers who would otherwise be renting out basic and uninspiring flats that barely meet their needs. This is an important factor for owners, as not being able to provide employees sufficient standard of living may eventually lead to losing valued employees. Homes and residential units in this development come fully furnished so your managers don't have anything to worry about except how to improve your business. These condo units and flat house are available for sale now as investment properties; but will also be available for rent through the developer’s sale and leaseback program. Aside from that, the project is also expecting to house around 2,000 factory workers on site in quality dormitories. Your staff will also have canteens, parks, retail and recreational areas conveniently located nearby. Le Urban Eco Park Cambodia is located at National Road 3 , Kandaok, Kandal, which is just 15 minutes away from the Phnom Penh International Airport. So, quick surprise visits will be easy for owners who wish to check how operations are running while connecting flights in Phnom Penh. In conclusion - what makes this the perfect investment for factory owners? It is the developer’s unique focus on three key aspects: standard of quality, construction and efficiency. Le Urban Eco Park not only guarantees that you will get the most out of your money, but it also you save money in the long run - which you can use to further expand your business. Le Urban Eco Park will celebrate its official launch Wednesday, June 8, 2016, at Raffles Hotel Le Royal. The event is invitation only and will include HE Cham Prasidh as Special Guest Speaker and the unveiling of their Project Plan. Interested buyers may contact the sales office for tickets requests, provided there is availability. Change your industry for the better, inquire today to find out more!


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