Development At Sihanoukville, An Integrated Lifestyle D’Seaview

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:25 p.m.

Camhomes’ maiden mixed development at Sihanoukville, D’Seaview, aims to bring an integrated concept of living to Sihanoukville, which focuses on the convenience that only a mixed development can offer: living and shopping at the highest standards in the same building. Besides offering high quality homes while retaining affordable prices, Camhomes’ Group General Manager, Ryan Ong, also emphasised on the potential capital appreciation and first movers’ advantage for buyers who invest in a D’Seaview unit, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial buyers. D'Seaview - development at Sihanoukville Investing in a mixed development at Sihanoukville that comes to life through commercial and residential owners and tenants, acts as a hedge against future inflation. Food court D'Seaview - development at Sihanoukville Having the advantage of being in a prime economic seaside location like Sihanoukville, with its deep-sea port, Special Economic Zone, international airport, as well as its oil and gas industry commencing operations soon, D’Seaview is the market leader in high-standard condos that extends its services beyond just quality housing and to the world of commerce. “With Sihanoukville being an up-and-coming booming coastal city, it is only a matter of time before more foreign businesses start coming into this province, and when that happens, housing will be the first few things they will look out for, thus we are hoping to fill up this hole,” Ong explains. Envisioning what expatriates and locals would appreciate within such a mixed development at Sihanoukville, D’Seaview places its focus on the integration of convenience, facilities, lifestyle, and status. In addition to its two residential towers, D’Seaview has four commercial blocks comprising 66 units. These include a vast ground-level space of approximately 500 square metres dedicated solely to F&B, either a food-court or a restaurant, which is priced at an estimated $1.7 million. Also, there is the second level that will be left as a wide plan for retail purposes. From the third to the seventh levels are smaller commercial units with high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. D’Seaview also has a hotel block, which is open to investors, as well as local shophouse-style blocks that are targeted at Cambodians who would like to set up their business as well as live there. sihanoukville-dseaview 2 A typical commercial block features a third-storey roof terrace, which D’Seaview visualises to be a childcare centre, a spa, a salon, or even a family karaoke lounge hall. However, the final outcome depends on the imagination of the buyer. The variety and potential of D’Seaview’s commercial hemisphere brings the term mixed development to a whole new level, “which will be satisfying a lot of purchasers’ requirements and demands,” as explained by Ong. Such is the flexibility of D’Seaview in catering to its commercial purchasers’ needs that if a buyer wants to purchase an entire floor, Camhomes will be more than willing to work with them and help them in re-designing the floor plan. The starting price per square metre for a commercial unit within the compound is from $1619. Some commercial units have already been sold since the launch of its retail store spaces last weekend. With a ready pool of customers from the 735 units of residences and the 98-room hotel, D’Seaview’s commercial hub looks to be abuzz with consumer activities once the development is completed in Q1 of 2018. Open to the public, the lifestyle element is a factor of appeal, as the commercial units will feature a slew of trendy bistros and cafes that has the potential to be the new uptown of Sihanoukville. D’Seaview envisions itself to be a cosmopolitan hub with a balanced mix of locals and foreigners. sihanoukville-dseaview 3 On what sets D’Seaview apart from other housing developments, Ong elaborates, “we have the advantage of the seaside and close proximity to the port, thus reducing travel and delivery of consumer goods. Our central location among the seaport, airport, and the future highway connecting Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh, is also another great advantage.” Realise your housing and commercial dreams now; visit Camhomes’ D’Seaview showroom at Canadia Towers and talk to their property consultants. Phnom Penh Post, Post Property.

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