Siem Reap Infrastructure
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:06 p.m.
Published on: June 28, 2015, 1:35 a.m.
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Siem Reap Infrastructure

Siem Reap infrastructure has traditionally had notable capacity issues due to the massive influx of guests that the booming tourism market brings to the town. The government and private sector are attempting to increase the capacity of Siem Reap infrastructure, and apparently have so far been quite successful.

Water in Siem Reap Infrastructure:

Water is predominantly city-sourced in Siem Reap City, meaning the shortages can occur in the dry season. Many residents and businesses choose to drill a deep well in order to source their own water; however, that water may still require proper filtration after is is tapped.Another option may be investing in water banks. These are a cost effective solution recommended by many Siem Reap property owners with consistently high water demands.

Keep in mind, the location of your property may affect water access - so research this point further before you buy, especially on the outskirts of the city. During wet season, Siem Reap floods. However, drainage infrastructure is improving significantly, especially around the tourism hotspots.

Local Government has worked hard to alleviate flood problems in Siem Reap, and continue to do so.

Roads in Siem Reap Infrastructure:

Siem Reap infrastructure is developing fast in terms of road networks. Traditionally, the road networks connecting Siem Reap to other major Cambodian centres have been an impediment to the cities expansion, and also to cross country travelers.

The roads of Siem Reap, and those connecting Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, the temples, Battambang, Kep and Kampot have undergone or are currently undergoing development, much of which is nearing or reached completion.

Regardless of this, the road between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap continues to slow travel times compared to other main national roads. Until the upgrade of this route is completed, it remains a minor impediment to cross-country travel and freight services to and from Phnom Penh.

The Siem Reap real estate market will surely benefit from these upgrades when they are finished shortly.

Electricity in Siem Reap Infrastructure:

Power cuts are occasional in Siem Reap, especially in areas where major tourism developments sap the grid. Electricité du Cambodge (EDC) has, however, recently improved the capacity of the local grid significantly. 

For businesses intending to manufacture in Siem Reap, or tourism vendors, installing a backup power source is recommended.

Backup generators are cheap and dependable in Cambodia. Renewable electricity solutions are also increasingly available in Cambodia, especially wind and solar power, and often can be bought and installed at competitive prices compared to other nations.

Amenities in Siem Reap Infrastructure:

For families looking to settle down in Siem Reap, an increasing number of international schools are opening, and education standards are rising fast. Healthcare is developing too. Siem Reap has a number of international standard hospitals and clinics - including the international standard Thai-managed Royal Angkor International Hospital, which is affiliated with Bangkok Hospital Medical Center. For expats, this hospital offers ambulance and medevac services.

There are all sorts of Siem Reap real estate for sale and rent, Cambodia’s tourism mecca, and Siem Reap's infrastructure is developing fast to deal with this booming industry. 

Its close proximity to the Angkor Wat temple complex has turned the city into one of the world’s premier travel destinations - with over one million visitors every year. Check out our prime retail space listings if you are wanting to join the race for the lucrative tourist dollar in the city center. Or maybe you want to settle down and relax outside central Siem Reap, in which case take a look at the host of affordable apartments, flats, villas and borey houses on offer in and around the city.

Siem Reap is also a great place to farm and a variety of agricultural properties are now online.

New development are bringing increased options for serviced and non-serviced office space in the city, as well as a growing collection of luxury condominiums and serviced apartments - prime for foreign investors. The city is compact and manageable for a first time buyer, with very encouraging rules for FDI.

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